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Breaking Down the PLRI

Allah_logo.svgOne of the big mistakes that we in the western world make is to presume that the PLRI is one giant, monolithic, homogeneous group of people who all have the exact same values and interpretations of their Holy Scriptures. As it turns out, Islam has a great deal in common with another major world religion that also is not a giant, monolithic, homogeneous group of people who also do not all believe the same thing or interpret their Holy Scriptures the same way.

A small, relatively unknown sect of the PLRI is the Sufi, which believes that it is destined – by its actions – to bring about the return of Jesus and the end of the world. Everything they do, as it turns out, is dedicated to this aim – to bring about the end of the world. They know that according to their prophetic beliefs, all but a few thousand of them will die in the effort. Nevertheless, they are totally dedicated to the cause of bringing about the end of the world.

Unlike some claims of late, they ARE Islamic. They share many beliefs and many of the same interpretations as say, the Saudi’s. What sets them apart from the rest of the world of Islam, is their dedication to bringing about the end of the world. And – again – EVERYTHING that they do, serves that singular purpose. It makes no sense to anybody else, Christian, Jew or Muslim, if you don’t look at what they are doing through that single goal and purpose.

Christianity certainly has it’s “crazy” offshoots, and there is nothing in the world that will get people to change their own interpretation of their beliefs faster than being attacked.

So, you can call ISIL a “Zebra” all you want, it’s still Islamic in it’s nature, beliefs and actions. But that doesn’t mean that every Muslim is a Sufi, nor that every Christian is a “warrior.”

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Other stuff that Dave won’t get to on the Show today:

The Chicago Bears played a game yesterday which they lost by exactly 2 points. In that game, the Bears received zero penalties, but benefited from 118 yards of penalties on their opponent, including 64 in the last five minutes of the game. Oddly enough, the Vegas line on the game was…. 2 points. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, Rams starting QB Case Keenum was hit in the head and obviously hurt, but was NOT removed from the game for a concussion protocol. On Monday night last, Bryon Hoyer was not hit in the head, had no obvious symptoms of a concussion and was removed from the game, three series after the alleged hit, for concussion protocols and did not return to a game in which his team was the underdog but proving to be better than the odds. The difference? Aside from Vegas odds, it is unlikely that anyone- or that at least very few people – started Case Keenum as their QB on DraftKings yesterday.

On Friday, 49er’s QB Colin Kapernick was placed on IR, his season, and presumably his career in San Francisco, over. You need to understand this – that doesn’t happen. Backup QB’s are NEVER placed on IR on Friday, when the game plan is already in and the equipment is packed for the trip to Seattle. It doesn’t happen. But as we learn later, by IRing, Cap, the 49ers ‘save” more than $1 Million in roster bonus they would have owed him. In other words, this was gigantic “F**K You, Colin Kapernick. we hate you!” to the guy who had them literally one play from the Super Bowl win and one play from the Super Bowl a second time. Look, I said it then and I still say that the 49er’s made a mistake in going to Cap and getting rid of Alex Smith. This type of QB play in the NFL never lasts and is ultimately almost never (save Seattle?) successful. It’s sand lot football and professionals don’t like to be shown up by kids. I still think that Cap has potential, but NOT as a QB, and NOT in San Francisco. The problem is, what is some team going to give SF in a trade for a guy that they know is NOT a fit for their offensive system? Very little would be my guess. Which is why kids should take  notice here, $164 Million contracts, don’t mean much if you aren’t winning. Look for the Jets or the Eagles to pick him up…

Look, I love football and the especially the NFL. But there is a whole lot of hanky-panky going on when it comes to injury reports and how concussions are handled. Problems that have always excited, but with the rise of on-line gambling (especially fantasy football) have exposed these issues for what they are – potential areas where unscrupulous and dishonest people can make a lot of money from the unsuspecting fan. frankly, if you feel the need to gamble on the NFL, just send the money you were going to play with to me. You’ll come out the same, and I will put it to better use than they will.

The overall reaction to Friday’s show (one of the biggest downloads ever), has been generally positive. I want you to understand that I do not dislike Homeless people. I spent, as I said, much of my life working with and supporting and even befriending them. If I were honest with you I would even tell you that at one point in my life I dated a homeless gal. But that doesn’t mean that boorish and stupid behavior isn’t boorish and stupid. Mr. Schutnecht is a great example of that – he is homeless by choice and now he wants money for his choice. I continue to believe that if Cities would stand up to this type of shakedown, that the Courts might indeed find that they (the Cities) do have the right to limit obnoxious behavior, the kind demonstrated over and again by Mr. Schutnecht. Unfortunately, the system is such that it would be very expensive and time consuming to the Citizens, while the plaintiffs sit back and laugh their way through the case, knowing that even if they lose they have no accountability or responsibility for the costs.


Politically Correct Islamic Guacamole

ihatefebruaryContemplating the calendar desert that is February, Dave outlines why this month should be removed from the calendar. From it’s lack of entertainment to the faux Holiday, he says FebRUary just SUCKS!

Dave is catching the new show, Backstrom, and he likes it and the lessons learned from it; Jack White hates bananas and freedom of the press, but he loves guacamole. Political correctness and the President’s favoring of the PLRI. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a PLRI mother is demanding that Pennsylvania change its laws for her oath in Court. 

Other Stories you may find of interest:

Leading GOP contenders from 2016 are already drawing sharp diving lines over ISIL and PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND to defeat them. Senators Ted Cruz said this weekend that he opposes sending in troops… right now. Who knows what he will believe by the time the Primaries begin?

Gasoline prices are “necessarily skyrocketing.” Oddly enough, nobody in Sacramento seems to be noticing, as they still plan to raise gas taxes because of the “low prices.”

The questions continue to swirl as to the future for the Governor. WILL HE RUN FOR PRESIDENT?

In Egypt, futbol hooligans went bananas after the Government decided to allow people to attend a match (they had banned them a couple of years back because of hooliganism), but limited tickets to just 10,000. So naturally the fans RIOTED AND KILLED TWENTY-FIVE PEOPLE. So the next time somebody tells you that “Americans care too much about sports, just remind them of this.

If you have a Samsung television, you might want to SHUT UP IN FRONT OF IT.

Scotland has made it clear that they do not want their Welfare Broods being seen on camera. The BBC show, “Benefits Street” will NOT BE ALLOWED TO FILM IN A SCOTTISH TOWN.

Californian’s are SOFTENING THE STAND AGAINST MEASLES VACCINATIONS, while the Legislature debates eliminating the “Personal Belief Exemption” from vaccinations.

WAR! (Continued)

ORD_Tomahawk_Launch_From_USS_Farragut_DDG-99_lgAs we tuned into the new season of Monday evening television, the word came that we, that is the US and our “Arab Allies,” had begun to bomb ISIL target in Raqqa, Syria. As the sun rises this morning, some are asking, “Are we at war again? How is this not an invasion of a sovereign country?”

The first question is easily dealt with, although I have to do so in a pedantic manner because, well, because I still believe that the War Powers Act is both un-Constitutional and yet another example of the Congress being wussies (albeit 40 years ago). Yes, we are at war. We have been at war, for certain since 9/11/2001, and probably before that, but a shooting “them or us” war since 2001. So from that view, and despite the President’s repeated “the war is over” statements (a war doesn’t end until both sides say it has), we are still at war. I do not anticipate that in my lifetime we ever won’t be at war, as the PLRI Daesh nut jobs are just to determined to convert the whole world to their perverted religion or die trying while taking as may others with them as they can. So, yes, we are at war.

Is it an invasion of a sovereign nation? The easy answer is yes, but the more complicated answer is “The Monroe Doctrine” and “The Truman Doctrine,” and “The Kennedy Doctrine.” Throughout our nations history, Presidents have taken what can only be seen s extra-Constitutional and extra-Congressional authority to establish a “Doctrine” that defines what our nations goals, policies, and aims are within a certain context (mostly anti-Communist expansion). n that vein, one could see the Presidents speech two weeks ago as his statement of a “doctrine” in that he did declare that we would – if need be – attack targets in Syria for the purpose of degrading and destroying ISIL. The President did not declare his policy to be “a doctrine,” but others have also not done so in pursing military aims.

Given all of that, we ARE “USING ALL OF THE BEST STUFF IN THIS FIGHT” because of the threats and the need to degrade and destroy ISIL in a manner that seems both reasonable and effective to the American people.

No doubt this is the “October Surprise” of which Bob Beckel would not shut up about all last week and yesterday was speaking, which brings into it the political dynamic. Is this being done now to boost the Democrats chances in November? Despite the theory that I have that it could be an advantage to the Dems and the President to lose the Senate, the fact remains that there will be at least one and perhaps three Supreme Court openings in the next two years. Not to mention the numerous lower court benches that are and will become open. The President and the Dems know that is where the final battle will be, and so the packing of the Courts is a priority. I told you before that the entire reason for Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” was the Courts. That will not be lightly tossed aside.

So look for any number of Democrat Senatorial campaigns to start talking about their personal involvement in convincing the President to act in this matter.

On a side note, it is being reported that TLAM’s (Tomahawk Missiles) were/are being used in these strikes, which probably means that USS Ohio or Georgia (or both) are involved.  personally find that extremely cool.

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