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Catch or Government Conspiracy?

78942CDF-E7A2-478D-8001-C6B9BCD09DB3_cx0_cy1_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sAt the same time the Charlie Hebdo attack was center stage, there were other PLRI terror attacks around the world. In Iraq, a car bomb killed twelve, while in Africa, Boko Haram may have killed as many as 2000 people using #bringbackourgirls as suicide bombers. In this light, the failure of the US to send anybody more than an Ambassador and Deputy Secretary of State to the Paris rally looks even worse. This rally was more than just supported a ribald French satire magazine’s right to be offensive to everybody, not just the PLRI. It was about the entre world. And we didn’t bother to show up except for two people that nobody would ever have known were Americans walking behind the front line. The entire thing has disintegrated into a discussion, by non-PRLI members such as Josh Earnest, as to WHAT EXACTLY THESE PLRI TERRORISTS BELIEVE theologically.

I’ve said this for years – and by the by it’s the same problem with Senator Obama trying to explain what Rev Jeremiah Wrights theology is – outsiders don’t get to decide what “true believers” of anything actually believe. For us to say that the PLRI “extremists” aren’t “Islamic” is ludicrous. Neither Josh Earnest nor you has any place to tell me what I believe theologically, and I have no right to tell you what you believe. Not what I should believe or you should believe, but what you or I or Boko Haram or ISIL does believe. Read the rest of this entry


Flights of Fancy

A Drunk State Senator

A Drunk State Senator

Good news for Senator Ben Hueso this morning, HE PLED HIS DUI CHARGE DOWN TO A “WET & RECKLESS,” meaning that it will only cost him an $1100 fine and three years probation. The good Senator gets this deal after trying to murder people in the streets of Sacramento after a booze party at your Capitol during which he was photographed and tweeted holding booze and schmoozing with his fellow lawmakers on the Capitol balcony. He then got into his car, knowing that he had been drinking, and proceeded to drive our streets with complete and utter disregard for the safety, lives and property of the very citizens he swore an oath to protect. Don’t worry though… he’s better than you. I am also certain that as a member of the Transportation and Housing Committee, he will be certain to do whatever he can to help rid our streets permanently of people who drink and drive. Perhaps as a part of his duties for the Education Committee, he can attend an “Every 15 Minutes” program or two, and contemplate just how stupid of a thing he did? Of course he will, because he’s the peoples servant, don’t ya know…? Read the rest of this entry

We MUST Do “Something…”

no_prop_oneWe MUST do something; this is something, therefore we MUST do this

So, do you buy into that logic? If so, why?

Abraham Lincoln once proposed this very expression to his cabinet when they were debating some technical issues of the War. He asked them, “If you call the tail a “leg,” how many legs does a cat have? Not getting the point the President was trying to make, they all said, “Five.”

“No,” thundered the President. You can call the tail whatever you want, it’s still a tail. There are still only four legs.”

As I reviewed Prop 1, the now famed “Water Bond,” I keep coming back to the realization that we HAD to do something. This is something, so now they want us to do this. Prop 1 will not provide enough funds to increase surface water storage enough to matter in the future. It will encumber us with another $8 BILLION in debt and the increased taxes to pay that off. Prop 1 seems to remove the Jerry Brown Memorial Straws or at least sever them from the bond, but many experts are not sure that is the case. Environmentalists are unconvinced that Prop 1 protects the Delta as they want. In other words, what we have in Prop 1 is the Legislature once again failing to do its collective job, throwing a “palatable” level of apparent activity and cost at the people to decide on so that when nothing changes, they don’t get the blame.

Prop 1 is a gigantic, “something” so that we at least look like we look like we are trying to look like we are doing something… anything, with no actual accomplishment or even realistic goal.

Prop 1 = No Vote from me.

I have said for years that whenever somebody tells me that “There were no WMD’s in Iraq,” I know two things to be true about them. First, they wouldn’t be able to identify a WMD if it was right in front of them. Secondly, they didn’t do what I did in the Military. Usually you could ad, “they must read the NY Times,” but now that condition has to go out the window as the Times has a “breaking story” about the GI’s and Iraqi’s who have been injured by… WMD’s left in Iraq years ago. Now watch the media go nuts about the Army keeping it SECRET. The Five should be fun today as Beckel’s head explodes when he will still claim that there weren’t any there at all.

You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You’ve got to be taught
From year to year,
It’s got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

Following the story last night of the TWO ELDERLY PEOPLE IN CRITICAL CONDITION AFTER DOG ATTACK in West Modesto was disturbing on so many levels. I am a dog lover through and through, and the only reason I do not have my dog is because my son turned out to be allergic to him. Dogs are one of the oldest domesticated animals in our world and whether you believe that was 200,000 years ago or 6,000 years ago doesn’t really matter when your dog welcomes you home after work. So when I see these stories I am particularly upset for a couple of reasons. First off, the Pit Bull breed has gained its reputation for viciousness not because of the dogs themselves, but because owners – usually up to nefarious activities themselves – are training the dogs to be vicious. Which, in my view, is despicable. Because of that, the dogs get their reputation and now we will have hours of City Council debate on banning the breed while perfectly reasonable and law abiding citizens who own them are forced to defend their dogs instead of the Council dealing with the criminals. The dogs, which in this case were a threat to public safety, had to be shot by Deputies. I hope that the owner(s) of these particular dogs get thrown in prison ala Mike Vick, but the truth is that they are probably marijuana growers/dealers who will never be punished. Oh, and spare me the “if it was legal” argument in this case.

So now we have a SECOND HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE WITH THE EBOLA who helped treat Mr. Duncan. Predictable as a sunrise, the panic and yelling begins, “Dave you were wrong! See? It spreading like wildfire!” The Nurses Union screams about “not knowing the protocols” and Conservative Media screams about the mutations and pounds on the Head of the CDC for being “incompetent.” Nobody see’s the pattern because they aren’t looking for it, all they want is confirmation of their own beliefs that we are all about to die of the Ebola. So, consider this: according to studies, professionals (in any field) are the least likely to admit making an error (Schermer, Critical Thinking). So we have two medical persons who treated an Ebola patient but managed to catch the bug, while people who lived in a small apartment with him while contagious have not. What hypothesis can you construct to explain the reasons for this? The easiest solution is the correct one, so how about this: The medical staff was over confident and failed to always follow procedure. The apartment mates, well familiar with the goings on in West Africa, avoided Mr. Duncan while he was there. Note that none of the emergency responders who visited Mr. Duncan’s caught the disease. Something in the procedures the Hospital staff is following is wrong, or they aren’t following the procedure to the letter. It will not surprise me if we get two or more staff members before this is over.

And still as many people were attacked by trained attack dogs last night in West Modesto as have caught the Ebola in the US. Nobody cares.

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