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De Facto Death Panels

From the “Whoops, We Didn’t Think About That” file, did you know that there is a drug treatment regimen that “cures” Hepatitis C? Neither did I, but then again, until Obamacare (He loves that name), I never really had much reason to worry about it. Turns out that Hepatitis C is spread mainly through the use of needles (i.e., drug use) and in rare cases sexual contact. There is concern that tattooing contributes, but the primary source of infection spread is the sharing of needles. As it stands today, there are 3.2 Million cases of Hepatitis C in the nation, all of whom – at least in theory – would be covered under the ACA. The drug therapy to treat the disease is $84,000. If you do the math, you’ll quickly see the costs will be astronomical. And so, do we – under the Obamacare (he loves that name!) spend more than $260 Billion (with a B) to treat JUST Hepatitis C cases – virtually all of whom gained their illness by breaking the law?

The flip side is that they did think about this and knew it would be coming both in the sense of the new drugs and in the sense of overloading the system. Putting the moral dimension aside (and for you “pure” libertarians, should society have to pay for what was essentially an individuals poor choice?) and the legal issue aside, what happens when the cancer treatments become highly effective and astronomically expensive?

The State of Oregon Рand others Рis looking TO LIMIT THE AVAILABILITY of the Hepatitis C treatments since the costs will simply overwhelm the States Medicaid spending, all but eliminating all other healthcare spending.

So what we have here is a government that is trying to limit the service it promised to sick people based upon criteria that it alone will establish and then consequently deny treatment to those it deems unworthy.

How is that not a “Death Panel?”

Governor Brown is visiting with Mexican Religious officials in regards to THE IMMIGRATION CRISES. He still says that this is NOT a political issue, but a humanitarian issue. This is the latest effort by those who refuse to grasp the “rule of law” concept. Focus the discussion not on the law, but on the humanitarian or economic benefit of illegal immigration. It’s simple, if we as a nation think that our laws are unfair, unjust or unwise, we already have¬† mechanism to change them. That mechanism is not to allow people to simply ignore them.

The Sacramento Bee is advocating for MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS across the State since some areas can’t seem to get it in their minds to conserve.

The talk about impeaching the President is both foolish and – like the birth certificate – EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO. First off, it will NEVER happen. Even IF the Boehner led House passes it (and it won’t), the votes in the Senate are not there. And if you were counting on the GOP to win the Senate in November, consider that the impeachment talk is fueling fundraising and the Democrat base to make sure that doesn’t happen. And in the last case, even IF the House did pass articles of impeachment (and they won’t), even if the GOP takes the Senate and votes to convict (about as likely as me winning the lottery), you’re left with President Biden.

Happy Birthday to Thomas Heyward, Jr. “Who?” I hear you ask? He was a SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.


Finding the Silver Lining

Despite all their words and angry rhetoric, the truth is that Congress is unlikely to move at all on the #VASURGE anytime in the foreseeable future. “Politics as usual,” as usual, plus the opportunity to meddle in the Military Justice system and get their names in the paper will push other lesser scandals and nonsense onto the main stage. A bill to make it “easer to fire” VA officials is UNLIKELY TO GET A VOTE before Senators head out to France for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. As second bill to USE CIVILIAN FACILITIES is being pushed by Republicans, but that will set up the typical Dem v Rep “Our Bill is Better” bullsh** and insure that nothing actually gets done for Veterans, while Congress and Administration Officials continue to get the best treatment and care taxpayer money can buy for them. Read the rest of this entry

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