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The Law of Unintended Consequences

The Law of Unintended Consequences is a frequently observable phenomenon in which a given action has results that were not foreseen by the actor.

Now, let’s be clear here. That does not mean that the reaction tot he initial action was NOT foreseen or even not foreseeable, it just means that the person(s) who took the initial action didn’t see it coming. Sometimes, nobody did. But more usually , somebody does and screams to high heaven about it, only to be treated as a Cassandrian oracle and then be ignored later when they go all “I told you so.”

In reality though, the LoUC is more about the two methods we use to judge the original actions. We can be “intentionalists” or we can be “consequentialts.”

So… did TIME Magazine intend to mislead people with their cover of a crying girl and Trump? Or did they fail to consider the consequences? And what about all that “single use” plastic? Did we judge the intentions of the consequences of the way we disposed of it?


Deporting Veterans

A Latino Veteran with a solid record is slated for deportation. Secretary Mattis is told that a Chinese Veteran is not subject to deportation, but now faces being sent home to China. The headlines are loud and angry.

But is there more to the story?

Should person who serves in the US Military automatically get citizenship? Should they be protected from deportation due to their service? How does an illegal immigrant get into the Military to begin in the first place?

On this day in 1775, William Dawes was born. Later he would perform an invaluable service to his country. In 2017 a State Governor decided to ban people from his Social Media accounts. How are they related? Well… the US Supreme Court understands that a Town Crier is both necessary and important…

Dr. Richard Pan is a State Legislator in California. He believes that if YOU have a Social Media account, it should be HIS business to make YOU manage it to HIS satisfaction…

The Sinclair Denouement

The recent flap over the Sinclair Group’s latest’s… stunt(?), would actually be funny if not for the reaction to it. The idea that NPR, leading the charge of ridicule, finally cares about the repetition of the media would be laughable if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

Villanova won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Yay. I actually have an emotional connection to ‘Nova winning, but at the same time, I have watched the fiasco that it is NCAA Basketball this season and I am left to wonder how long it will be before the wildcats have to vacate their newest trophy?

On a weirder note, the star of the game has come a long way. He was not a highly recruited player, and he was on the bench two years ago when ‘Nova won the last time. So what is the discussion this morning? His rather offensive and deviant Twitter account…

Much like the Teacher walk-outs are a stunt designed to influence the mid-term elections in November, so is the March from Central America. But what I noticed is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is making the connection that should have been the first thing that popped into our minds, which brings us back to the Sinclair Denouement…

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