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The Aft Bilge

What does roughly thirty-five years mean to you?

On September 11, 1982, exactly thirty-seven years and nine days after the end of World war II, the Navy placed USS Michigan SSBN-727 into commission. I picked that “35” number because it was more or less in the middle of things for those of us who served aboard her Gold Crew in the 1980’s. Now, a bit over thirty-five years later, many of those men – along with family members – gathered in what turned out to be a very crowded room at a hotel in Silverdale, just minutes from our old home, to reconnect and to consider what those years have meant…

The After Bilge in Lower Level Missile Compartment was the most disgusting thing I have ever had to deal with. I cannot count how many times I would deal with it and then have to puke. I could never figure out why it was so nasty. Now, after seeing my shipmates for the first time since 1987, I know why it was so bad.

To say that it was a great event would be the understatement of the century. In so many ways it was more than a reunion, it was more like a family gathering.

I know, I know… we’re all supposed to be upset, angry and shouting at each other. It’s all phony. On BOTH sides. The only real issue for us in this issue of the illegal immigrant children is that now we have been told about it, we have to think about it and share our inflamed opinions with the world via Social Media while simultaneously condemning anybody who disagrees with our manufactured opinion as something evil or stupid or communist or tyrannical or whatever makes us feel like we successfully insulted somebody who dared disagree with the opinion we’ve been told that we MUST have.



We Are Losing Our Mind

We – corporately, as a nation – are losing our minds.

Turns out that somebody spent a lot of money on a study that “proves” that IF an airplane has a 1st class cabin, incidents of “air rage” increase four fold. Because people in Coach are upset that the 1st Class passengers get better service, drinks and bathrooms, which have a sign on them indicating whether or not it is occupied, but not whether that person occupying it is male, female or transgender.

It ought to be pretty obvious to us, but like World War I was obvious to anybody who was actually thinking in July of 1914, there doesn’t seem to be any real clue as to how to stop it or even what to do about it. From the “micro-aggression” safe spaces to the bathrooms at Target (which are not bathrooms, they are restrooms), we’re losing the bubble and control of our society far too quickly.

That means that we are so busy either being offended or apologizing for causing some perceived offense that we have no time to pay attention to the things that actually matter or figure out who is actually the real threat to us.

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“He’s Got the Power…”

And so the day has arrived when the President of the United States will sit behind the Oval Office desk or stand in the East Room and explain to us that he has decided that it is “necessary and proper” and “expedient” to allow upwards of 5 Million Illegal Immigrants to be given amnesty. He won’t call it that. He will explain that this is compassionate, better for the economy and even heart warming because “many of them serve in our Army” (Sheila Jackson-Lee 11/19/14).

What will be made most clear, however, what will be said most emphatically, is that the President will say that he has the legal and Constitutional authority to do this. Those who oppose him do so on the grounds of just being mean, and wanting to say “No.” We will hear from Democrat Congressional Members who will repeat the mantra that the President “has the authority to do this” (Nancy Pelosi, during the Syria Bombing debate).

Oddly enough, the “Big 3” ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS WILL NOT BE CARRYING THE SPEECH. Obviously Cable networks and news stations will, but the White House is reported to have not even asked for time on ABC, NBC and CBS. On ABC, Grey’s Anatomy (New), CBS, The Big Bang Theory (New) and NBC, The Biggest Loser – Glory Days (New), which ironically enough may be the American people, most of whom will eschew another boring White House speech in favor of their favorite Thursday night viewing. And by not requesting time on the entertainment networks, the White House, who last week said that they “heard the 2/3rds of people who didn’t vote,” made sure that those same people won’t be listening tonight either. It’s almost as if they want people to only hear a few sound bytes here and there…

FOX, by the by, will preempt “Bones” (New) to show the speech as requested by the White House. So FOX will have lost ad revenue and make-goods to do, but not ABC, NBC and CBS…. hmmmm…

Today before the President speaks, I will take a few moments to try my hand at making a Constitutional argument for the Courts to strike down this impending Executive Order. Keep in mind the Jackson test, and understand that any argument by Turley will have to address those three cases. Saying that it (the order) “tears at the fabric of the Constitution” is not an argument, it’s rhetoric. You can also send me your argument HERE is you’d like.

CosbyFrankly I never liked Bill Cosby or his show. I’ll explain why in a moment. But for now, the knifes are out for Cosby. And HERE COME THE I WARNED YOU ABOUT HIM YEARS AGO stories. He has enough money to defend himself and I will say here and now that he will never spend a day in jail or face anything other than civil lawsuits which will be quietly settled. As for why I don’t care for him, you CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. I was forced to watch this video in a school auditorium in 1972 or 73. This was the man who my Grandparents loved for his Noah routine. Now look, I am much older today and I get what he was trying to do, but I assure you that context was NOT presented to a bunch of 3rd graders at McElwain Elementary School. My image of Cosby was destroyed that day, and I never watched anything else that he appeared in without flashing back to that day. And for those of you who think that education is making poor decisions today, try finding any justification for showing this to 3rd graders in 1972.

Someone asked yesterday how to discern those immigrants who want to be here as Americans versus those immigrants who don’t. One way to be to add context to the situation the immigrant find themselves in. For example, how likely is it that large numbers of Somalian immigrants would make their way to Wyoming to settle down and become Americans? Throughout our history, most Americans aren’t all that interested in settling in Wyoming which was the first territory to give women the vote in a outright attempt to lure women to itself. So when large numbers of Somalis make their way to the windswept plains and mountains of one of the coldest places on Earth, let alone the United States, can we presume that there might be something there to make it worth the trip? There is, SECTION 8 HOUSING VOUCHERS paid for by the tax payers. Which, by the by, can be taken to another – probably warmer – State.

The Water Advisory Committee has objections to Oakdale Irrigation Districts plan to SELL WATER WHILE PUMPING EXTRA GROUND WATER TO MAKE UP THE WATER DEFICIT. Yeah, who didn’t see that coming?

Senator Marco Rubio said that THERE IS “NO EVIDENCE” OF THE PROGRAM BEING ABUSED or anybody being harmed by the NSA’s collection of metadata. So… “shall not be violated,” being violated is not abuse?

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