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For me, Hurricanes are NOT the most frightening natural disaster. There are at least a couple of reasons for that, but the main one is simply this – I live in the 21st Century. I can see them coming. Hurricanes, or in the woke times in which we live He/Him or She/Her-i-canes aren’t known, at least in modern times, for sneaking up on people. Sometimes it’s hard to feel sympathy for people who decide to not get out of the way and then end up dead. As colorful as his story was, I never felt a pang of regret for Harry Truman when Mt St. Helens finally blew up. Even the Professor was able to warn the Castaways when a He/Him/She/Her-i-cane was bearing down on Gilligan’s Island.

I know that there are some very libertarian reasons why people stay in dangerous places. In my mind, though, there is no property that is worth my life.

Most of my experience with He/Him/She/Her-i-canes has been on the disaster relief side of things. The aftermath of Hurrican Andrew nearly killed me. Hugo just brushed where I lived in Norfolk and frankly (this amazes Ben) I slept through Opal.

Big storms can really wreck your day-to-day life, but the only way they can kill you is if you do something stupid. Like trying to do some sort of gangster deal in the middle of a storm…

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