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Voces Praecepta Sunt Quippiam Contingatis

The 1st Amendment prevents the Government – at any level – from stifling Free Speech. You’re not going to find a group of people more passionate about free speech than broadcasters, be they Super Star Mega Syndicated hosts or your local podcaster with tens of downloads. There is always a fear that if we let our guard down that some Government agent somewhere will try to silence our voices.

But what about when private companies do it? Read the rest of this entry


Ode To Omicron Ceti III

Once upon a time, the Supreme Court was asked to stop something that had already happened from happening. Yesterday, the Attorney Virtue Signaling General of Washington State asked the Federal courts to stop something from happening that already happened. It won’t work. It cannot work. But it’s something, so like a straw ban, we’re gonna do it, because it’s “something…”

Star Trek: Discovery is going to destroy Mr. Spock by making him “not entirely the Spock who has been formed enough to be the Spock that we know from┬áTOS. There’s a lot of story about who Spock was before he becomes the Spock that is the yin-yang to Kirk… we have an opportunity to present a version of Spock that’s both totally consistent with the Spock everyone knows but very, very different.

In Tacoma, a bunch of perverts were arrested for trying to use Social Media to have sex with little kids. Of course, that’s already illegal, but there’s no Attorney Virtue Signaling General proposing injunctions to stop it. I wonder why not?

And the City of Seattle, beautiful as it is, has a homeless problem. The problem isn’t what they think that it is, but that hasn’t stopped them from threatening to fine their shelters – which they fund – for not meeting “unrealistic” (the correct term is “impossible”) goals of “exiting” people from homelessness.

First Person School Shooting

A new video game available next month has been widely condemned as inappropriate and insensitive. Why? Might there be something to the theory that our social restraints are being lowered to a threshold that was unimaginable a couple of decades ago? Read the rest of this entry

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