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An Inconvenient Truth Or Two

The rioters were all a bunch of outsiders. They don’t represent the real students at UC-Berkeley. In fact, we are told that it is always these outsider anarchists who are giving UC-Berkeley a bad reputation for violence and mayhem.

This is the line we are given after somebody – we aren’t sure exactly who, but most definitely NOT UC-Berkeley students – tore things up preventing the gay Brietbart staffer, Milo Hanrahan from giving his presentation at the University. Read the rest of this entry


V-J Day

VJ-Day-650x397Seventy years ago today, the Imperial Japanese Government accepted the Potsdam Declaration, and effectively surrendered to the Allied Powers. The men and women who celebrated this day in Times Square, Chicago, and the Great Central Valley, are passing quickly from us. Once more we celebrate and we remember those who sacrificed their lives to secure freedom for the world.

We are losing them incredibly fast, and that’s why Central Valley Honor Flight is so important.

In the world of political scandal, the Hillary Server being wiped clean is so banal that the most reported scandal yesterday was from… 1921… and, of course, was about a Republican

Local Defense Attorney Frank Carson is arrested for suspicion of 1st Degree Murder. This is a case of great interest and importance to Dave, and it had an impact on the last election for District Attorney.

What makes an “effective” Congressman? According to one study, it’s how many bills they sponsor that make it out of committee and into law. But is that the BEST measure?

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Stop Making Sense

tumblr_m6ei4kIRvJ1rvn6njo1_500Dave spent last night enjoying a trip down memory lane, but it raised the question in his mind, if the Millennial Generation is so opposite of what Conservatives are, how do we reach them?

Even Hillary is taking advantage of the fact that young people seem to reject everything that Conservatism believes.

Californian’s seem to be unreachable when it comes to water conservation, which actually, in a really weird way, makes a lot of sense.



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