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Hate, History and Hope


I am a different person than I was on Shabbat morning. Hours of reflection, consideration, meditation, and contemplation lead to a different person.

We see the results of the hatred, but do we really see the hatred itself? Do we understand its history? Do we still have hope?

Three-quarters of a century ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions of others around the globe were sacrificed to defeat fascism and it’s goal of annihilation of Jews. Now, at least in part, the same monstrous evil rises from the ashes and begins the same work. “You cannot compare eleven people to the Holocaust, Dave,” comes the text message.

Actually, you can. And more importantly, you should. The Holocaust did not begin with gas chambers and ovens. It began with one thing and one thing only. The same thing that started the events of Saturday, October 27, 2018, in Pittsburgh.

The. Exact. Same. Thing.



The idea of a Memorial Day for the Victims of communism is a good one, but it can’t happen as long as Communism is still a living ideology. And what keeps this vile ideology alive?

Hate. Pure, simple hatred.

And until we can get past the hate and eliminate Communism and it’s ideological precursor, socialism, we can never really honor the memory of those killed for resisting it. Mainly because there will be more if we don’t.

Maxine Waters has a rather surprising response to Kayne Kardasshian-West. She would like it very much if he would stop talking about politics without detailed instruction from her first…

The Magnetic poles are going to flip. They have done it in the past, and it did not herald the return of any Deity or undiscovered planet. But they will flip…


The Banality of Evil Redux

29C19BFC00000578-3129887-image-m-23_1434658941749The banality of evil means that it – evil – will always present itself as good, proper, and even legal. The root cause of such violence is hatred, but from whence does that hatred come? And how did a 21 year old boy in South Carolina come to learn about Rhodesia?

The Difference between last Sunday and this coming Sunday is that the White Supremacist Terrorists have won. At least for the moment. There remain, of course, people on both side of the racial divide who need that divide to remain open and ever larger.

The Mayor continues to lie about the proposed sales tax. It is a general revenue tax, with an icing of promises that will not and cannot be kept in the face of the pension tsunami.

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