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Anry Conservative Birds

Dave gets off to a late start on the day as a Judge hears the Stanislaus Taxpayers Association case against the City’s Safer Neighborhoods Initiative. The Judge rules that the STA’s lawsuit can go forward on August 21st.

angrybirds2-100599519-galleryAngry Birds 2 is somewhat less than exhilarating to Dave.

The Donald says “Treat me fairly” and announces that just two months ago, he was the establishment, now he’s not. Still no explanation other than he is now running for President, as a republican, as long as he is treated “fairly.” Still, Dave thinks that one show texter has figured out why Conservatives, who have nothing in common with the Donald, are supporting him. And it’s a fairly¬† simple reason (see what I did there?). Meanwhile, the GOP still has no answer to its Strumpet problem, other than to hold its collective breath and pray for a miracle.

SB 350 mandates a 50% reduction in gasoline usage in California by 2030. The bill itself is a horrible piece of ill considered legislation, unless the intent is to rule over Californians with an iron fist (and we cannot discount that possibility). But is the idea of decreasing gasoline usage (a) far fetched, (b) not achievable, or even (c) not where we are headed anyway?

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The Ross Redo?

The belief is that Trump is “not a politician,” and that is why he’s surging to the lead in the GOP polls. Is he?

Editors Note: Dave has a whole show prepped to look at the comparisons between Trump and Perot in 1992. This morning he received news that his Uncle had a stroke last night, while Cami is in Tacoma having what is certain to be a last visit with her father, who has Stage 4 Cancer. He will get to the Perot stuff, just give him a couple of minutes to get started…

Ross-PerotThe second belief is that a Trump 3rd Party candidacy will result in a Hillary Clinton victory, presumably over Jeb Bush. If that happens, will it actually be the fault of Donald Trump, or a GOP that doesn’t really grasp its own base? The only real example of the predicted outcome would be 1992, when Ross Perot was said to have siphoned enough GOP voters to assure a Bill Clinton victory. Is that what really happened? And if not, are there lessons for today?

An American Soldier is killed in Afghanistan this week. How come there is no outcry for flags to be at half-mast?

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Last Day of Little Boy

385557_2826010459524_1312879305_nIt’s a rather significant day, as Ben has his last day of being a little boy. From here on out, it’s school and work. Or both.

Dave got two new books that he started reading yesterday. In them, he found some concepts about the way the Government functions that should have our teeth set on edge. There once was a time when the Government didn’t feel like it could do certain things without our permission. So what changed, and why?

The GOP is letting the media pick its candidate for 2016… again. The FOX News Debate tomorrow night is just more of that same thing. Why can’t the GOP embrace social media and start selling itself instead of letting the Networks decide who it is and who will represent them in the election? And the debate tomorrow will be all Trump all the time, with Trump winning the debate by a landside.

Modesto is – once again – concerned about the homeless problem. Luckliy there is Measure G which will solve the problem and make every day a sunny and rainbow filled one here in the Central Valley. The real issue is that nobody wants to do what it would actually take to solve the real problem, which isn’t that homeless people don’t have homes. It’s misplaced compassion.

All on the last day of little boy…

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