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King David’s Treasure

gopLast nights GOP debate provided one shining moment that might give hope to those of us who still have hope that all of the remaining candidates might come to understand what it is that they are seeking to become.

But, to find that moment required Dave to do something he hasn’t been very good at doing lately, that is start his weekly Torah study earlier and spend less time chasing threads and tangents. Since he managed to do it for once this week, what did he find that brought just a glimmer of hope?

It started when the Tabernacle was put together and dedicated by the Israelites in the desert. And happened again when Solomon dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem. It reminds us today that while respect for servants is required, it is also imperative that public servants understand the role of staves.

Moreover, what happens when a leader forgets his or her primary purpose and while claiming to do good, maybe even the will of the Deity, he or she is in fact, harming the people? Will they learn the lesson? Or will they just ignore it and hope that nobody notices?

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Steam Punk Skywalker?

steampunk_starwarsThere is a debate tonight. A debate which could – theoretically – allow one of the more business savvy candidates to shine. Or it could become a complete debacle. The bigger debate is why is Dave having so many dreams lately that are set in the “Steam Punk” genre?

And an ever bigger – and probably more important debate – is whether or not Luke Skywalker has turned to the Dark Side and taken his father’s place as the supreme Badass in the entire Galaxy?

But seriously, there really is another GOP debate tonight. This time on CNBC and themed “Your Money, Your Vote.” Which would be ironic if anybody at CNBC actually understood what is going on in Presidential Politics today. Jeb Bush has an opportunity tonight to become the hero, to pick up the Empire and get ready to throw it down. If he does, he might be able to restore the GOP’s idea of balance to things. If he doesn’t, his campaign is effectively over.

A Bremerton (WA) High School football coach is defying a School Districts instructions to not lead Christian prayers following his teams games. Another way to read that sentence is that a Government Employee is refusing to follow corrective instructions and continues to conduct religious services of a specific denomination while not including other religions. Now, the Satanist Temple of Seattle is planning to attend the next game and make sure that there is some balance. Which is exactly why you don’t let Government Employees conduct religious services at public school events.

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Will Trump Explode?

Castle bravoAre you looking forward to the CNN GOP Presidential Debate? Many people are, but not for the reason you might think. It’s more of a NASCAR effect, people are hoping that at least one candidate will crash and burn. None of the questions that will be asked will bring us any closer to understanding how any of the Candidates see things from a Constitutional perspective, although lip service to the Constitution will abound aplenty on Constitution Day Eve.

No never means “no,” at least not in politics, even if it does on a UC Campus. Actor Mike Farrell, who played B.J. Honeycutt on M*A*S*H is back with yet another ballot initiative to ban the Death Penalty in the State of California.

The Jade Helm Exercises ended yesterday. Luckily a whole bunch of tin foil hatters alerted us to the event and kept any of us from being dragged into a government confiscated Wal-Mart turned concentration camp. I’m certain that’s why we survived it, right?

Dave begins his journey into the VA System tomorrow.

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