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A Fun and Creepy Friday






Original Airdate May 03, 2013

After a long week dealing with a corrupt Modesto City Attorney, the boys needed a bit of a break. So they headed out to Nicaragua to see what the California State Legislature was up to in 1854. It wasn’t good, as you probably could guess. But it was entertaining. At least for a while…

The Kentucky Derby was a day away, but Dave still prefers Margaritas to a Mint Julep. The State’s Prison population was still causing heartburn, but there might be a solution… In FWN we discover that Cows Don’t Have Arms…

And they chose the Top 5 Songs that Just Creep Them Out…


Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3


I Needed a Laugh

So… I’ve been really busy lately. Life is moving rapidly and it feels like I have so little real time for myself or my podcast.

Today we lost a good friend of the show, Greg Feczko, who had suffered from a long battle with his own demons and life. Today also would have been my Uncle Rodgers birthday, and another Uncle Rex, passed away this week as well.

I just needed a laugh.

So here’s John and & from February of 2012 and Fun With News on Daytona Weekend, titled “The Trouble in¬†Bulgaria….”

Download 150x150



I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend


Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

In the middle of recording the Friday podcast, the word came down that Leonard Nimoy, Star Treks, Mr. Spock, has died. Star Trek deeply influenced Dave as a kid, and the passing of another of his heroes is a moment for reflection.

Does anybody else have the same problem with their child’s behavior that Dave is having with Ben? How did you solve it?

The CPAC is underway, it seems that Senator Ted Cruz may be a Plausibly Live listener!

The Bytemaster crew, Jeremy and Jason, join Dave to talk about Net Neutrality, which is unneeded and not neutral.

In Alabama, a cigarette lawsuit exposes some flaws in our political beliefs.

A look at FWN and let’s taste another Beer with the Ale Evangelist!

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