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Vie, Mort et Résurrection

The tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday has caught the entire worlds attention. While I am not Roman Catholic or even Christian, I know what the building represents – nearly 800 years of human history.

Years ago (1997) I was privileged to go to Westminster Abbey. To say that it was moving would be an understatement. I can only imagine what many of my friends and acquaintances who have hugged a gargoyle atop Notre Dame are feeling today. From tears to gallows humor, there is a whole lot of chat about it’s burning.

I think that for me, there is a sense of loss of the history of that facility. The story of the Notre Dame is long and storied, and not nearly as peaceful – or even churchy – as you might think. In fact, not that long ago, it wasn’t even a church…


La Revolution Imbecellique


There was once a time when the “people,” demanded that their government cow-tow to their demands for “justice.” The government reacted by declaring that anybody – ANYBODY – who opposed its declarations of what was right and wrong was an enemy of the State and would be executed.

In Los Angeles, a US Professor with 30 years of service to USC has been called a “pitiful excuse” and demands for his firing have come. Why? He dared speak the truth.

And the Gundy case was heard at the Supreme Court sans Kavanaugh. The reaction of two Justices is fascinating.


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