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Blind and Justice

After being awakened in a Top 5 worst Ways to wake Up manner, and after a couple of days of intensive packing of books and office stuff, come the news that a candidate who is not crazy will be running against the incumbent District attorney in Stanislaus County.

This is actually good news, as no incumbent should ever go unchallenged. But the whole campaign seems off to something of a North Korean Missile Launch of a start.




Carson Walks Out of Jail

I’ve said this many times and before I say anything else today, I’m going to say it again: The justice system that we have not only should be but in fact must be slanted towards the defendants. Gaining a conviction for the government – at any level – should be difficult and should require that the State have its ducks in a row and to prove its case against a defendant who has effective counsel before a jury.

Defense Lawyers are usually squirrelly and evasive, but that’s their job. DA’s on the other hand must be above question and transparent in everything they say and do. You may ask why, since so many of the dirtbags the Police work so hard to get off the street would then be the beneficiaries of rules that favor them instead of the State or the victims. It is simply because if the government can start slam dunking convictions, the protections that we all have against the government go out the window. If the State can violate the 4th Amendment because “we all know” he did it, why can’t it violate yours if it deems it necessary? If a defendants 6th or 8th Amendment rights are pushed aside in the name of “justice” because of the severity of the crime, what happens to your rights?

You may not like it. But “I don’t like that,” is not a Constitutional argument.  Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Talk about Sex. And Football. But Mostly Sex…

Editors NOTE: Obviously… Adult Themes and Material on the show today…

In an surprise announcement, the DBFL is Back for 2015! want to play? Then eMail Dave today!

The Plastic Bieber is found dead in a Motel 6. Did the Bieber Mafia get to him? More to the point, who in the world gave this guy $100,000 to go and look like Bieber?

redA recent blog posts claims that 400 Pastors and other Church Leaders nationwide will resign this weekend over the Ashley Madison affair. What’s the real problem though? A web site that facilitates sex or the unwillingness of our society to even talk about sex?

The latest on the Kaufmann Murder has Woody moved to another jail as he “cooperates” with the Prosecution. Kaufmann’s body may have been mutilated in an attempt to hide his identity. The problem is that won’t work. Meanwhile the attempt to make a circus of the proceedings continues. Dave sees some odd similarities between Frank Carson and Vester Flannigan, the Virginia shooter. Both of them are utterly incapable of accepting any responsibility for their own actions. And the more we learn about the Virginia killer and his personality, the less surprised we are by his actions.

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