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A Man Went Down to Jericho

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

1997 - On The Road to Jericho

1997 – On The Road to Jericho

Dave appears on an episode of Investigation Discovery’s “Blood Relatives” which deals with a Central Valley murder in 2010. The show is a valuable lesson for today, in that it is chock full of “factually accurate things.” But when we “peel back the investigatory avocado,” what do we find?

The truth of course.

But a much different truth than we were shown and asked to accept.

The expected El Niño is growing ever stronger in the ocean. Did you know that the El Niño is yet another example of American Imperialism and destruction of the environment?

A caller has an idea for dealing with the 11 Million Illegal Immigrants that would keep them here, but not voting. What does Dave think of the idea?


The B-47 Spirit

B47_DF-ST-88-01015Joe Pruzzo of the Castle Air Museum joins Dave to talk about this weekends Open Cockpit Day, the four new Aircraft Exhibits, and why the B-47 is such a popular and important airplane.

Yesterday’s episode included short selections from the popular music of the 1780’s that would have been played and danced to as General Washington and the others waited for the Philadelphia Convention to get underway. One of the two pieces has a modern cover by one of Dave’s favorite artists.

El Niño is a’coming! Or is it? If it is, will it end the drought, or just extend our political inertia to not solve the Water Management problem?

Memorial Day is upon us again. Dave recalls the loss of one of his good friends in the Navy during the First Gulf War. The memories also include the Indy 500, Grandpa, Uncle Mick, and the loss of USS Scorpion on this day in 1968.



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