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Tim, Trump, Tariffs and Things

Today I am joined by Tim Preuss of The Tim Preuss Podcast.

When I “met” (in the sense of the internet and how we “meet” people in the 21st Century), Tim and his show were located in Wisconsin, the heart of America where the real Americans live. Like me though, he pined for the fjords, wait… that was just me and Cami. Read the rest of this entry


Some Things Are More Valuable Than money


Wallace and I at Breakfast

So I was feeling a bit “blah” before breakfast this morning (0300 California time) when I learned the following things:

According to the first two pages of the Wall St Journal today (Tue):

$3 and under gasoline (not applicable in CA) is “bad for the economy”

Me living to 86.6 (the new life expectancy) is “bad for the economy”

VA Claims are growing, which is “bad for the economy.”

All in all, it appears that being a live Veteran who travels anywhere in the 21st Century America is “bad for the economy.”

Then I sat down to breakfast and I learned the following things:

Wallace’s Seaplane base on Okinawa got blown away by a storm in 1945. He got out of the Navy after WWII and still wears Dungaree pants with red socks because, let’s face it, Bell Bottoms have never really gone out of style.

Wallace is an old man, who loves his church and his daughter, walks faster than I do and still doesn’t think of himself as a “hero” even though if the Wall St Journal had its way he and I would never have met and I wouldn’t know anything about the Sea Plane base or have ever met a former Navy Corpsman named Wallace.

That’s why the WSJ is wrong to worry about the costs. Some things are more valuable than money, and one (or actually a few million) of those things is our Vets.

Off for Day #2 of the Central Valley Honor flight! 

Guarding the Line?

RoyalsWhiteSox JFS 9-26-14 1143I am wondering if I missed a memo or if I am just a baseball anachronism, since I still believe that in the bottom of the 12th inning of a now-tied game, you have the 3rd Baseman “guard the line” against a right handed batter. It was heartbreaking to watch the game last night, and yet – o borrow from Dennis Eckersly – it was a bad game for the A’s, but it was a great game for baseball. I wasn’t all that into a Wildcard “play in” game, but last night from a baseball perspective was awesome. Hopefully tonight’s Giants-Pirates game will be just as good. While I do hate the Giants, who among us would not want to see a seven game Dodger-Giants NLCS? I still believe that any team that celebrates “winning” a wild Card spot with champagne and goggles is overdoing things.

The discussion on Social Media over the disbelief that the Governor did go ahead and sign the Statewide Plastic Bag Ban keeps circling back to the same question – Doesn’t Sacramento know what the dangers and downsides of the ban are? Of course they do. Not only do they know them, they are very aware of the studies and stats that show that the reusable bags are basically plague contaminated bags of (bleep). The problem is that they simply do not care. Why not? Because the people doing the studies aren’t bribing them donating to their re-election campaigns. Believe me in this – when it becomes obvious that the ban is a huge putrid festering failure of disease, death, job loss and not helping the environment in any way, shape or form, the donations for the next program to solve a Sacramento caused program that will put a great deal of money into their coffers and re-elections.

In what might be the Gundyest of Gundyisms, the beloved City Council myrmidon took to Facebook recently to decry a posting on the Facebook Group “Salida Bitch&Moan” to once again blast the County for daring to thwart Der Mayor’s plans and somehow or another hurt his personal goals for Salida (annexation). The only problem with his post? well, as anybody who can read would have noticed, the “Saida Bitch&Moan” Facebook Group, is for Salida, COLORADO. You can read about it and other Gundyisms over at THE SALIDA ANNEXATION BLOG

The debate of the legalization of marijuana is in its closing stages. I have no doubt that it will soon be legalized in California, which – as I repeated again and again – is a major error. Put aside the mental effects and social ills that come with the legalization of mind altering substances, the new tact in opposing this legalization may be environmental. It turns out that GROWING MARIJUANA IS BAD FOR SALMON. It is possible, according to scientists, that the growing of marijuana could cause the extinction of salmon. Now, I personally don’t believe that it would cause a ToTaL extinction, but those who worship such things as fish and environment would be concerned about the killing of fish by their supposedly “all natural” product.

The ruling for Stockton’s Bankruptcy will be announced this morning. By the time we get to the air we should have most of the details of how things will go for the City.

I am reading a great book these days, and I thought that I would share with you this one sentence:

[T]here are some “genuinely useful analogies” between the world of 1200 BC and that of today, including an increase in political, social, and economic fragmentation, as well as the conducting of direct exchange at “unprecedented social levels and over unprecedented distances.” Most relevant is her observation that the situation at the end of the Late Bronze Age provides an analogy for our own “increasingly homogenous yet uncontrollable global economy and culture, in which … political uncertainties on one side of the world can drastically affect the economies of regions thousands of miles away.” – Cline, Eric H. (2014-03-23). 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Turning Points in Ancient History) (Kindle Locations 162-166). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

I realize that without a good context that may seem out of place a bit, but the reality is that is just a manifestation of Dave’s 2nd Law, People don’t really change, they do the same things, for the same reasons with the same results throughout history. The only thing that changes is technology, which allows people to convince themselves that “this time it will be different.” Whether is it tin or oil, gold or bitcoin, the base economic systems don’t change and the use and abuses of those systems do not change.

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