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Politics Through Polarized Sunglasses

maxresdefaultThere was a time when “polarization” meant whether or not you wanted to pay extra money to have it on your sunglasses or not.

Now it applies to the politics of the day and the so-called” extreme positions taken by either side. So why are we so “polarized” today, and is this really “the worst it’s ever been?”

Of course not, but there is something different about it today. And you can see that difference in the discussion over the “murder” of Justice Scalia and the “apples to oranges” comments of Senator Chuck Schumer.

And it all comes down to how we see “news” reported and consumed. We aren’t looking for information from which we can make an informed and well considered opinion. We’re looking for confirmation of what we already believe. And we accept the manipulation of our opinions and emotions to achieve that goal, without ever considering whether or not this is the real problem with America today?

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It’s going to be a long week. Heck,. it’s only Monday and already Dave is both ticked off and nervous as all get out.

Once again, either our values are that we support and uphold the Constitution, or we don’t. There is NO middle ground. You cannot support and uphold the parts you like and ignore the ones that your “feelings” or your “polls show people want something else” parts. It’s all or nothing folks, and when Conservatives, particularly leaders, continue to post memes and articles that undermine the Constitution – regardless of how they feel about the subject at hand or how “right” it may be – then they are no different than those with whom they disagree. And worse, instead of teaching and instilling Constitutional values in the rest of us, they are creating a leaning environment in which we are taught to ignore and really, not even look at the Constitution to “see if these things are true.”

Some examples:

Can the States refuse to take Immigrants or Refugees?

Did Valarie JARRET say she loved Islam and hates America in her 1977 Stanford yearbook?

Did DiFi say that women cannot protect themselves with “death machines?

How come we are not all dead from the Ebola?

These are just examples of a deeper problem that really isn’t unlike the same problem that Christianity has with televangelists: Which is more important, the Man or the Ideas?

If you chose the man, you choose…. poorly.

Huck’s Is Bigger Than Ted’s

NOTE: Adult Language

Sad TedThe entire Kim Davis saga and the 2016 GOP Race for President took a weird and wild turn yesterday, as Mike Huckabee used his bodyguards (officially a “staffer”) to take center stage with Mrs. Davis. Then he proclaimed that he was there to support the Constitution, which was the opposite of what Mrs. Davis was doing in the first place…

Meanwhile the weirdness continues as Donald Trump announces that he “feels like he was in the military” since he went to a Military style Boarding school when he wasn’t going to Vietnam…

Dave digs into the Mail Bag to answer two questions. First, whatever happened to whole “Mandatory Ebola News (Motto: Because We Have To!)”? Second, a listener wants to know what the best position for reading is? Whenever he reads, the back of his neck hurts…

City Councilman John Gunderson opens his mouth again, and confirms what we’ve all known for sometime, but the City and the Person in question kept denying… just who is it that really is behind the whole plan for Modesto to annex Wood Colony?

The State Legislature has decided that two California High Schools MUST change their names. Why? Because California schools aren’t teaching American History after the Civil War and what kind of man Robert E. Lee really was…

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