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What Is Wrong With People?

The biggest problem with politicians, regardless of party or what they say, is that they do believe that once they are in office, they are above the law and better than you or I. When a politician gets a DUI, which, as you know I believe is attempted murder, they should resign. Period. No debate, no discussion, no further argument. I am even willing to wait until they plead it down to Wet & Reckless, but the point is, they have lost the public trust and they should have the personal conviction and courage to do the right thing. Instead, they choose to twist intentions, rules, laws and even their own words until they manage to portray themselves as the victim.

KY State Sen Brandon Smith

KY State Sen Brandon Smith

We’ve seen this here in California with Senator Ben Hueso, but we aren’t alone. In Kentucky, a State Senator was popped for DUI. His argument? It isn’t that he “didn’t do it,” or even that he could plead it down to whatever the equivalent of Wet & Reckless is in Kentucky.

Nope, he is claiming “Immunity” under the Constitution. Yep. He is claiming that section 43 of the State Constitution, which mirrors Article 1 section 6 of the US Constitution, EXEMPTS SITTING LEGISLATORS FROM ARREST, except for treason, felony or breach of the peace. This losers argument is a legal machination designed to excuse him from doing what would put you or I, were we to visit the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky, in jail.

And he’s doing it with a straight face.

So when you ask me “What’s wrong with the Country?” Now you know…


Money Isn’t Real Anymore

medium10So my awesome and loving wife dropped her phone in the toilet. It’s something that happens everyday, and no amount of “Kill Switch” legislation is going to reduce the incidents which lead to customers having to buy new phones. It’s what we ended up doing last night, only my wife had an idea that would make this an adventure.

For reasons that actually do make sense but which are almost impossible to explain, she wanted her number to be my number and my number to be her number. So before we did anything else, we had to transfer numbers on telephones. Then she got her new phone, an upgrade that was actually a downgrade to an old 90’s style flip style non-smart phone. After that she changed her number because she didn’t actually want my old number which was already piling up with awesome but (to her) confusing texts from Groger who usually keeps me up to date with what goes on in his adoption classes. Read the rest of this entry

Adieu, Dave Geer

DS GeerFormer City Councilman Dave Geer passed away yesterday at his home. Dave and I go back to before the show, I met him when he was what we call an “active listener” to Bill Mick Live. In the early days of my show he was a supporter and a friend, someone who continued to support me and the show through some pretty rough early patches. Of my fondest memories, two stand out. First, he and I together attended a Tish’a b’Av tree planting in a local Modesto Park and had a great discussion while “helping” to plant a tree or two. Last year, he and I stood together at the first Modesto Hanukkah Menorah lighting in downtown. He was just giving up his seat on the Council, and while he seemed happy about it and the opportunity to move on, he also seemed kind of excited about the chance he would have now to be an outsider commenting on the Council. Over the past year he used that opportunity a great deal, and through the podcasts of 2014 you will find Dave liberally sprinkled throughout, on both the Council and on his new hot topic, Common Core, of which he adamantly opposed the implementation. Dave stepped up in 2009 to run against Al Nava, not because he thought he was better or because he sought power, he stepped up because, as he told me, “somebody has to, and I have the time now.” He loved his District and City, and he was always pleasant to talk to and be around, even when we disagreed onĀ  particular issue. Adieu, Dave Geer… Read the rest of this entry

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