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La Revolution Imbecellique


There was once a time when the “people,” demanded that their government cow-tow to their demands for “justice.” The government reacted by declaring that anybody – ANYBODY – who opposed its declarations of what was right and wrong was an enemy of the State and would be executed.

In Los Angeles, a US Professor with 30 years of service to USC has been called a “pitiful excuse” and demands for his firing have come. Why? He dared speak the truth.

And the Gundy case was heard at the Supreme Court sans Kavanaugh. The reaction of two Justices is fascinating.



Due Process of the Land

The recent Supreme Court ruling in Sessions v Dimaya has Constitution Thursday taking a look at the idea of “due process.” What does it mean? How did it come to be in the Constitution?

And how does the 5th Amendments protection of ‘life, liberty and property” combine with due process to determine that a law calling for the deportation of an illegal immigrant convicted of “violent felonies” is “unconstitutionally vague?”

Dallas Mayor: “I’m Very Happy” About Bomb Robot

The moral line between “combat” and “crime” became even more blurred in Dallas, when, just after 1am Friday, the Dallas Police Chief turned to the Mayor as the stood at Parkland Hospital and informed the mayor that the had decided to kill the suspect now holed up in a parking garage. Moreover, he would do this with an improvised explosive device attached to the departments Bomb Disposal Robot.

The Mayor approved the plan, stating later that he was “very happy” with the decision, both at the time and later, when he discovered the Dallas PD had ventured into uncharted waters, opening the debate nationwide as to Police actions in the event of a crises situation.

So let’s talk about this a bit, shall we? Read the rest of this entry

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