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Augmented Reality

It all started when I had to get a new phone. The one they wanted me to buy comes with something called, “Augmented Reality.” I had no clue what that is…

It turns out that AR is something that we all are experiencing more and more of each and every day. in fact, it is designed to stop you from doing the one thing that you shouldn’t be stopped from doing for yourself – Think. But it has taken over ever aspect of what we see, hear and decide. From the President to the NFL ratings to the City of Bremerton’s decision to install security Cameras. All of it does one thing – decide what you think of something before you ever stop to consider it for yourself.

Oh… if you disagree with the AR, then you’re “stupid.” Read the rest of this entry


The Ham In the Pan


4a_ci_last_ditch_chivalry_2094_cSo screamed the headlines yesterday as I battled fever and chills. The problem is that not only is that untrue, but the entire weeks events show us how we (corporately) can misinterpret history to our own advantage.

The old saying goes that “winners write the History Books,” but even that is no longer absolutely true. The New York Times ran an op-ed piece on Monday asking Which MLK Jr Are we Celebrating?”  Is he the social radical of the 1960’s? Or is he the Conservative icon of the 21st Century?

These two disparate and yet concurrent things are just a reminder that when we read history, if everything that we read agrees with our own bias and beliefs, then we either read it incorrectly (wrong) or we simply did not read it all. when

When Bradley Manning goes to be tonight, he will still be a coward. And a traitor.

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The Difference of a Year

What a difference a year can make.

12804745_10208977938915818_4894290754977398169_nA year ago, we realistically couldn’t imagine a world where Hillary Clinton wasn’t the President-Elect. Where “fake news” wasn’t a thing. Where Donald Trump was the President-elect. Oh, sure, some people said they could, but they wouldn’t have bet on it.

I couldn’t imagine a world where I could walk without pain.

And yet, here we are, a year later. Trump is the President, Clinton was repudiated and I can walk. Pain free.

What is the lesson for us going forward? Is it really as simple as asking more questions about what’s going on? As simple as not accepting extreme positions as automatically correct? As believing that things are not always as they seem to be?

Dave is back!

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