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Who Am I?


In the broad scheme of things, we are all individuals, as different from each other as we can possibly be. And yet, we are all the same. No matter how far you go back in time, you can’t help but notice that we all came from the same place, the same beginning. In the core of our cells lies the same genetic code that has existed since life began. Every living thing shares its mathematical alphabet. As much as you might dislike it, it’s still a fact that you cannot change.

So why is there so much fracas over who is what?

Like so many things, it’s less about the truth and more about the perception.


Killer DNA

Overnight, Israel responded to another rocket attack by pounding sites associated with the Iranian Republican Guard in Syria. As the sun rose, things seemed to calm down a bit. But will that be the end of the matter? Probably not…

And we take a look at the recent arrest of a man in California, accused of infamous crimes committed decades ago. He was always a suspect, but his arrest did not happen until Police were able to access a commercial DNA database and match his profile to the crimes. It raises some questions about privacy and the future of the 4th Amendment.

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