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Colorado vs The 1st Amendment


The Supreme Court released it’s ruling on the Colorado Baker who refused a Gay couple’s request for a Wedding Cake. Don’t get excited. The fact that it’s a 7-2 ruling should tell you that it doesn’t mean what the talking heads will tell you it means…

Ben often cries to me that something – a punishment, an action, whatever – “isn’t fair!” Over the weekend I read two stories in my local mini-paper that had me asking the question: When did “fairness” – as defined by somebody – become a necessity to civilized society? Not in the sense of basic fairness, life, liberty, and property, but in the obsession with EVERYTHING MUST be “fair” to the utmost degree possible and even then, we must continue to “work” to make it ever more fair. Read the rest of this entry


Sinking Ships

Welcome to 2018!

(00:00) It seems like a tradition, every New Years we end up going over all the “new” laws that go into effect with the new year. It’s almost as if we never ask the question, “Why?” Seriously, what is so screwed up that we need as may as 900 new laws every single year?

Looking at some of the newest laws makes me wonder what it is that is really trying to be accomplished. Even some of the laws that didn’t pass seem oriented at the same goal, which is the same idea I’ve had – and many of you have had – for a long time. Even the legalization of Marijuana accomplishes the same end goal.

(31:27) Last year, a jury in Oregon acquitted seven of the Bundy defenders in assault on the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary in Oregon. I said at the time that this was a good thing, not because the Bundy attackers were right, but because it would demonstrate the power of the Jury to nullify the Government.

I also said at the time that those who were celebrating weren’t really paying attention. It was never “all” of the Bundy defendants acquitted, it was seven. Others took deals, and others still awaited trial.

Now, while the next jury has deadlocked and a mistrial has been declared (which should cause the Prosecution to reconsider, but won’t), you should take the time to consider one of the defendants story.

I have said from the beginning that the Bundy’s are frauds and manipulative of people. They play on passions and errors in understanding. The worst part of what the Bundy’s did was that some of the people they led down the path of evil once were – and are trying to be again – good people.

(43:16) I love being a dad. I guess you know that. It’s the primary reason that I left terrestrial radio and moved to the PACNORWEST. I love playing air hockey and Sorry! with Ben (couple of his Christmas gifts). But there was a time when I didn’t think that I would ever become a dad.

In November of 2009, Cami and I headed down to Santa Monica for what I assumed would be a final visit with my baby sister. She wasn’t supposed to make it, but of course, by the time we got there it was obvious that she would. So the trip became a mini-vacation for the two of us, kind of a short, second honeymoon.

One evening we walked the Promenade, and playing on the sidewalk was an absolutely fascinating band. They had an accordion, trombone, tuba, clarinet and a tapan (a manual drum system) that each of them would take turns playing with their feet. One of the songs they played caught my attention, as it was about the singers wish for his son to live a good life and overcome obstacles life might put in his way. I was enthralled by the song, and I ended up paying $5 for a self-produced and burned CD that they were selling which had the song on it. The song appealed to me, and even though I had no expectation to be a dad, it sort of made me hopeful that I might have the same advice for my step-daughters.

What I didn’t know, and what Cami did already know, was that Ben was already on the way…

Scott Johnson Is Back – Close Your Small Business

I mentioned yesterday the apparent return of perverted lawyer Scott Johnson who is now making the rounds in Manteca doing what he does, which is make a rather large living by shaking down businesses he has decided are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It’s even worse than you think.

So here’s the scam this guy – and other degenerate dirtbags pull – and before we go any further, remember that everything they do is within the letter of the law, which is written by Legislators, who’s campaigns are funded by donations from people who want the laws to work to their advantage. Scumbag Lawyer sends his “Legal Assistants” – who in this case are also required to dress, undress, bathe and feed him all while his interior cameras are aimed at their breasts – enter a business, almost always a small business unlikely to have extensive reserves or insurance, and literally case the joint for ADA violations, no matter how small. Read the rest of this entry

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