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Truth From the Well


Let’s say that Person A says that he or she thinks that something is so.

Let us also accept that Person B disagrees with what Person A says.

Once upon a time, there would be a discussion, some reasoning, some logic, some research and maybe even a snarky comment or two. Ultimately though, for the most part, the facts of the matter would win out. Sure, some people would still cling to whatever person was incorrect, but it wasn’t a matter of life and death.

Over the last weeks, Person A, who made the discovery that he thinks is highly significant, wanted to let people know about his potentially significant discovery. So… he wrote the paper, submitted the research paper to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – and when the journal announced that it would publish it, the University he works with sent out a Press Release announcing the discovery.

Or… at least hinting at what the discovery might be. Or at least stirring the pot about what the discovery could possibly represent…

It set off a firestorm of argument, debate, furious Social Media postings, and even a text chat between myself and my favorite Paleontologist.


All of this over a bed of fossils that may or may not have been formed when an asteroid hit the Earth 65 Million years ago.

But there is a lesson in it for the rest of us…


The Singularity



It is becoming rapidly apparent to me that the Singularity is upon me. From my wife’s new car to my business to dinosaurs are coming back, it is clear that technology is quickly overwhelming everything. And that is probably not a good thing…

The Bush funeral reminds us that it is actually possible to find the good in every person. Even the ones the ones you may not like.

On this day in 1933 the State of Utah, which is known for its beer and strip clubs (seriously) became the State that put the 18th Amendment to bed once and for all.

And it’s Cami’s Birthday week. So I am off to begin the required observations.

900 Year Old Robo-Call Lizards

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It’s reasonably clear to me that there is no way that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Jeff Flake’s flaking has pretty much sealed the fate of the nominee. So where do we go from here?

My phone rang twenty-two times yesterday. One – just one – of the calls was legit. Before you ask, yes, I am on the Do-Not-Call registry, but it appears that the telemarketers, scammers and bill collectors don’t actually care about that and they have found a way to bypass it anyway. By next year, in strategic terms 2020, but it’s closer than you think – fully 50% of the calls you receive could be from robocall scammers.

in Alabama, a local Preacher has opened a new Dinosaur attraction where he explains that the creatures were “900-year-old lizards that never stopped growing.” He goes on to call evolution “the dumbest religion ever” which is surprising, but also not surprising. Cami and I found ourselves in a discussion on Sunday that related to this attitude. Again, I am not an atheist, I am a guy with questions. Lots and lots of questions…

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