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The Coming Week

As I mentioned on the FRIDAY Show, (the relevant part is in the audio above) I will be out all this week. It would have been last week, but SNOWMAGEDDON 2019 pretty much shut down the entire Puget Sound area, and while it’s supposed to rain a bit this week, it won’t be the foot of snow we had last week. Which means kids will be in school (except for Monday) and things will be calm enough for me to get some things done.

On the chance that you haven’t caught the Friday show yet, I have several appointments and missions this week. From the DAV to file paperwork to a trip to the VA Pharmacy in Tacoma, this is going to be a lot of travel and waiting in lines to talk to people who work on a “First-Come-First-Served” basis. I’ll have to leave early!

I will also be – in my copious free time – trying to get the whole Chroma Key stuff to work so that the video production can look better. It’s all a part of the whole trying to get better at video production thing.

But most of the week will be spent on paperwork and dealing with the VA, to get everything in order for the long run. Enjoy the week. Tim Preuss will have a new show this week. If by some chance things go unbelievable well and I have time, then I will be back early. But I am not counting on it!

Also, as I announced on Friday, going forward the Monday to Wednesday shows will be problematic for some time. They definitely won’t be live at 10am, and it’s possible they will be more significantly effected.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Be back soon,



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And so it begins… Snowmageddon 2019, the Storm of the Century is upon us here in the PACNORWEST!

Major League Baseball has announced a change in nomenclature. Traditional words are now verboten, as it is believed that I am too much of a snowflake to handle the traditional verbiage. 

The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) was there for me when I needed them. My Grandfather had been a life member of the DAV, and it was they who showed up to his funeral to deliver the 21 gun salute to a Veteran who had passed on. My experience in making my original claim was completely positive and I was deeply impressed with my VSO’s (Veteran’s service Officer) knowledge and ability to navigate the system.

As I sat in the main meeting hall at the Chapter 5 DAV on Saturday my thoughts traveled back over the years. The DAV was a “no brainer” for me, but what about the other Veterans Service Organizations? As a ‘younger” Veteran myself, why was it that I was not at all interested in participating or being a part of these worthy organizations? and why do they continue to struggle to attract younger Veterans today?

I have some ideas about it…

Stolen Valor



Whether you think that Nathan Phillips SAID he is a Vietnam Vet or just implied that he was “in country,” he certainly didn’t do anything to discourage people from understanding that he is an actual Vietnam Veteran. In fact, he has said that took personal advantage of that belief.


What did he feel the need to inflate his service record? He served honorably. How does causing people to think that he was something that he wasn’t any benefit to his cause?

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