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One Day of Many

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day, a blog from a fellow historian has me wondering about how we communicate to the next generation the meaning of war and conflict. How do we show them that there is a process to determine whether or not a war is needed or just wanted?

Explaining World War II and D-Day is relatively easy… good versus evil. Nazis, Imperialists, and Fascists wanted to rule the world. D-Day began the final crusade to destroy the evil. But how does that translate to today? Or does it?

And when looking for a single moment to define the idea of war and sacrifice, what can we see? 



An article that I read yesterday informed me that the millennial’s who are producing more YouTube content than any one person could watch in a lifetime are having issues. No, not YouTube demonetizing them. They are “unhappy” and “stressed out.” Of course, they are producing content that shows them in “vulnerable” moments, talking about how stressed they are and asking rhetorically, “Why am I unhappy?”

I have a theory about it.

Seventy-four years ago 115,000+ men did something incredible. something that a lot of people were certain that they could not do and even more people weren’t certain they could do. They didn’t do it to make anybody, least of all themselves, “happy.” They did it because it had to be done. They did it despite colossal screw-up’s. They improvised; they adapted, and they overcame.

When they came home from the job, they didn’t whine about being stressed. They didn’t ask “Why am I so unhappy?” The went to work and once again, they did the job of raising the next generations.

Oh… one of those men was my Great Uncle Bill, my Grandmother Clara’s brother.

Primary Election Eve. Yawn.

Ho-hum, another Prop 14 Primary is nigh upon us and Californian’s have to choose between mailing their ballots, dropping their ballots off at a polling station (my choice) or just tossing them out with the weekends garbage. Which is the most likely choice for most Californians?

With all the hoopla about “Voter Registrations,” its easy to lose sight of the dwindling level of voter participation. That’s what Prop 14, the now infamous “Top 2” Primary system was supposed to do, right? Increase interest and force more “moderate” candidates, like Kamala Harris, to run and win since the “extremists” (alá Tim Donnelly) would be forced out by the “balanced” approach of having to reach across the spectrum and appeal to the middle. I’ve said this for years, these politicians (particularly GOP ones) spend too much time and money on “Voter Registration schemes (their word, not mine) and not enough time on “Voter Relations.” Think about it. If the GOP had spent the last six years doing what they said they were going to do, and supporting their base positions, why would they need “new registrations?”

Turns out that was half true, anyway, eh?

So what is a good virtuous citizen to do tomorrow? What did good virtuous citizens do seventy-two years ago?

In the next twenty-four hours, the show will ‘officially” pass 34,000 downloads. That number is somewhat skewed as the first four months after the show debuted are not included. I just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone who listens, comments, re-posts, shares, and downloads the show. I appreciate it it more than I could ever say.

I will be seeing the knee surgeon tomorrow around noon (it’s a “flex appointment” to determine when he is going to do the next procedure, which involves putting me under and then manipulating the knee to “break up” the scar tissue. As soon as we an after that appointment, Cami and I are headed for a quick run to Tacoma to deliver some bedroom furniture to our granddaughter. We’ll be back by Monday, but that is also the probable date for the procedure, so it may be Wednesday the 15th before I get back to the show. I apologize, and I really hate to step out right now. But the pain and the difficulty walking have made this absolutely necessary.

P.S. – Happy 55th Anniversary to my Mom & Dad. Love you!

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