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The Trump Pardon

On Constitution Thursday we delve into the statement by the current President to the effect that he could pardon himself, were such a pardon were actually needed.

It isn’t as clear-cut as you might want it to be – from a Constitutional viewpoint. But I would think that from a political viewpoint, it would create immense problems. Great problems. The biggest and best problems we’ve ever seen in this country.

And that would be, of course, just the beginning…


Constitution Thursday Listener Show Prep

As Powerful as Louis XIV

Opinions and Pardons

On Constitution Thursday we will get into the statement by the current President to the effect that he could pardon himself if such a pardon were actually needed.

As a part of that, these are two of the episode that John and I did in 2013 that set up the whole discussion. They serve as a starting point for the discussion as to whether or not President Trump could pardon himself, if, as he indicated was not the case, he actually did something wrong.


The Case of The Danbury Cafeteria

“Congress shall make no law… respecting the establishment of religion…
or preventing the free exercise thereof…” – 1st Amendment

In Danbury, Connecticut, the local Baptist congregation is deeply concerned about the ability to freely practice their religion. Sure, the Constitution says they can, but those words are only as good as the men who uphold them. They are pleased that Thomas Jefferson, a well-known fighter for religious freedom is now President. Still, they want to make sure where he stands, so they write him a letter. Read the rest of this entry

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