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Brain Wiring

The biggest difference between Dave on the AM Radio dial and Dave on the Internet Radio Dial is that now I read eMails. Seriously, when I was on KFIV, I hated getting eMail because 99% of it was insane rambling AHT. But now, I actually read them because, and I say this as politely as I can, the smaller audience is much, much smarter.

After the show on Friday, I got an eMail from a listener who suggested that the way people think is hardwired. Thus people who tend to use emotions lean progressive, while people who use logic lean conservative.

I wish that was the way it was.

Based on Social Media, one would have to conclude that what really drives people’s apparent thought process has less to do with logic, numbers, or even just emotions. It’s pretty obvious that it’s little more than just wanting to be liked by our social circle…


The Final Death of Federalism

Federalism is the idea that the States and the National Government will share power along designated and clear lines. But from the earliest days of the Republic, that line has been blurred and smudged until today, it effectively no longer exists.

Kristin_Olsen_PictureSo when a GOP Assemblywoman stands up to support a tax increase that will further tilt the balance of power towards the Federal Government, it is fair to ask, WHAT IS KRISTIN OLSEN DOING? And to ask “Why is she doing it?” Is it for altruistic and worthy reasons and aims? Or is it for a personal political gain?

In the end, the original goal of many of the Framers of the Constitution was to put the national government in a position to not have to share power with the State Governments. So is it a bad thing that Federalism is all but dead and facing yet another nail in its coffin in California?

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Anry Conservative Birds

Dave gets off to a late start on the day as a Judge hears the Stanislaus Taxpayers Association case against the City’s Safer Neighborhoods Initiative. The Judge rules that the STA’s lawsuit can go forward on August 21st.

angrybirds2-100599519-galleryAngry Birds 2 is somewhat less than exhilarating to Dave.

The Donald says “Treat me fairly” and announces that just two months ago, he was the establishment, now he’s not. Still no explanation other than he is now running for President, as a republican, as long as he is treated “fairly.” Still, Dave thinks that one show texter has figured out why Conservatives, who have nothing in common with the Donald, are supporting him. And it’s a fairly¬† simple reason (see what I did there?). Meanwhile, the GOP still has no answer to its Strumpet problem, other than to hold its collective breath and pray for a miracle.

SB 350 mandates a 50% reduction in gasoline usage in California by 2030. The bill itself is a horrible piece of ill considered legislation, unless the intent is to rule over Californians with an iron fist (and we cannot discount that possibility). But is the idea of decreasing gasoline usage (a) far fetched, (b) not achievable, or even (c) not where we are headed anyway?

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