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The Doubting of the Experts

On December 8th, 1941, President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare War on the Empire of Japan. It is one of the most stirring speeches ever recorded. Congress quickly agreed and except for the standard Conscientious Objector vote, approved the resolution and declared War on Japan.

I go back to the speech itself, which, even if you are not a fan of FDR, is quite stirring, patriotic and appeals to everything that Americans love about their nation. including an appeal to Almighty G-d to see us through to final victory. If you haven’t heard it or watched it, you should do so right now:

In many ways it hearkened back to the speech that FDR had listened to by Woodrow Wilson, who ran in 1916 on a promise to keep America out of the war, then gave what many to consider to be the best speech to call for a Declaration of War ever given by a President. Wilson’s speech left many in tears and screaming with fervor as the nation found itself finally getting into the war which he had promised to keep us out of just months before. Read the rest of this entry


Politics Through Polarized Sunglasses

maxresdefaultThere was a time when “polarization” meant whether or not you wanted to pay extra money to have it on your sunglasses or not.

Now it applies to the politics of the day and the so-called” extreme positions taken by either side. So why are we so “polarized” today, and is this really “the worst it’s ever been?”

Of course not, but there is something different about it today. And you can see that difference in the discussion over the “murder” of Justice Scalia and the “apples to oranges” comments of Senator Chuck Schumer.

And it all comes down to how we see “news” reported and consumed. We aren’t looking for information from which we can make an informed and well considered opinion. We’re looking for confirmation of what we already believe. And we accept the manipulation of our opinions and emotions to achieve that goal, without ever considering whether or not this is the real problem with America today?

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A Muscular Attitude

PutinDave gets a special letter from the National GOP wanting to know his opinions about the GOP’s “national strategy” to be more muscular. Or something like that, anyway. Dave proposes a “can’t miss” strategy for the GOP Candidate, one that will be sure to win the election and solve the issues that we have with Russia.  But the GOP really isn’t listening, all they want is Dave’s credit card number…

President Obama says that Obamacare is “the moral” thing now, that it’s not just a law, it’s “a right.” If the Supreme Court disagrees, Dave promises to eat something extremely gross that will make him puke, plausibly live on the show.

The women’s World Cup of Soccer is underway in Canada, not that you’d know it from the sports pages. Team USA played the Australians who didn’t have very friendly things to say about us after the game… which, we did win, 3-1, not that you’d know from the sports pages on Yahoo…

Vincent Bugliosi died on Saturday. He prosecuted Charles Manson, and wrote a book that Dave says is one of the most influential in his life. What he learned from that book explains why he thinks that what happened in McKinney, Texas with the Cop and the Teen is more than we are being shown – by either side in the debate.

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