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Standing Rock = Bunkerville

CubsRegardless of whether or not my team – or your team – is in it, this has been one of the best World Series’ ever. In fact, and I say this as a pretty hardcore Dodgers fan – this Series is better because my¬†team – and frankly most of ya’ll’s team – isn’t in it. The compelling story of two teams long regarded as losers and/or cursed, managed by the two best managers in the entire game, with the shadow of Buck Showater’s tragic mistake hanging over them has made for interesting moves, strategies and discussion. Far beyond what we would normally get.

Many insiders have now admitted that from a pure baseball pleasure and from a financial position of all of MLB considered, it would be better for the Indians to win tonight. There was a reason that the movie, Major League, was set in Cleveland, and it wasn’t because of the long and rich tradition of winning Cleveland baseball. The Indians are every bit the snake bit franchise the Cubs are, but without the soft blue unis, the little cub logo and the lush green ivy of Wrigley Field. For much of the last Century they played in the old Cleveland Stadium – a well known cemetery of a ball park – so bad that it wasn’t even used in the film.

I know this much as a baseball fan – there is no way the Dodgers (or the Giants) could have provided this much interest or entertainment over the course of a seven game series. This might very well go down – depending on how tonight goes – as the “perfect” World Series. And I hope that it does. Read the rest of this entry


In G-d We Trust

On a busy Wednesday, Trump does the most trump thing that all Trumps would do. So why is everybody surprised or even interested?

The Oregon standoff ends up with one man dead and other, including Ammon Bundy and his brown Cowboy hat, in custody when they wandered off their seized government land to attend a meeting. Or go shopping.

igwtMichael Newdow sues the Country again, this time because atheist coin collectors feel “uncomfortable” with coins that say “In G-d We Trust” on them. The Supreme Court has said that the phrase is “secular” and therefore not in violation of the establishment, so why does Newdow continue to fight it?

For the same reason that Trump trumps, Bundy bundifies and Newdow’s sue. They all want the power to tell you how to live your life. If you happen to agree with them, you cheer. But if you don’t…. well.. you’re the enemy.

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What Is The Difference?

Here’s a thought that I received from a fellow submariner:

Boy, all these militia blowhards couldn’t wait to go get killed for some old white guy illegally grazing his cattle, but actual police state tyranny going down in Missouri (against black people). . . <crickets> You all can quit pretending you give two sh**’s about the Constitution now.

I think that it does raise an interesting point. Present company excepted – as I was am still and always will be given the present circumstances, pretty much the only Conservative Chat Show Host who opposed Bundy from the get-go – but if the Rand Paul’s and other Libertarians of the world were so “gun-ho” (ba-dump-pish) to save Bundy from the Militarized Government agency, why not now? Is it as simple as skin color? How many of you recall the BUNDY RANT ON AFRICAN-AMERICANS? So what is the reason why there hasn’t been a flocking to Ferguson to oppose the Police, I mean, other than by looters?

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