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Neo-Soviet Tomf#@*ery

Despite all the hoopla and pearl clutching over the indictment of some Russians for “meddling” in the 2016 elections, I remain unimpressed and unconvinced. These thirteen interlopers did not convince me to not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton convinced me not to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Read the rest of this entry


One Man Can Change the World

SEGMENT – American Ignorance

As it turns out, Americans – many of whom continue to call for things like eliminating Free Speech and abolishing the electoral College, have almost no idea why those things exist in the first place. But before you jump to the standard Chat Show Host outrage conclusion, consider this – why would they? Think about this for a second: how much time did you personally spend when you made your last big ticket purchase, thinking about the pros and cons of that spending? Now… how did that compare with how much time you actually spend thinking about your voting choices?

Given how candidates and issues are presented to us, why would we spend time on civics or learning about the “why’s” of our system? Seriously, what incentive is there for this “average” American Citizen to not just know these things, but to even care?


SEGMENT – The Russian Facebook ROI

“Russia,” as some sort of homogenous unit, bought $155,000 in Facebook ads during the 2016 Election. According to recent news reports, this investment of a mere $155,000 changed the election. Why does this seem far fetched to me? Because it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that the ROI on Facebook advertising is basically worthless…

SEGMENT – One Man Can Change the World

Once upon a time (Sept 26, 1983), a man you’ve probably never heard about, changed the world.

Like Kissing Your Sister

I’m starting to ramp things up a bit towards getting the show out on a more regular basis. As a part of that, I do want to get back to a daily blog of things that interest me, along with commentary.

WelcomeIn France today, the authorities have moved in to “clean out” (although it’s unclear to me what that means) the giant migrant camp which had sprung up near the English Channel and was full of Syrian migrants wanting to go to England. As the Brits has refused them entry, the camp had become problematic and symbolic of the issues dividing Europe as well as the problems with such a massive influx of people who are not even slightly interesting in assimilation. The “Migrants” are being given the option of two different area in France, which is not what they want. It is unclear how many will continue to hold out to go to England. The British government had paid for the fencing that surrounded the camp, and has continued to reject immigrants who are not children or families.

In the US, the two main Presidential Candidates have announced differing views on the admission of Syrian migrants. I say “announced” because if there’s anything we’ve learned from Wikileaks it’s that what is said in public and what is said behind closed doors to massive donors is usually two polar opposite things. Frankly I cannot predict what Trump would actually do, but I do believe that Clinton would use the Executive Order means to admit as many migrants as possible. Read the rest of this entry

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