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It’s The End of the World… Again…

There are many things that irritate me. But only a few that really¬† – I mean really – get me riled up. And as I get older, those few things rile me up ever more. At the top of that list is the “The End is Near” people. Especially the ones who take advantage of the gullibility of people.

By now you’d think that we’d see through it all. But since there is no accountability whatsoever for fake predictions, and so it never ends.

Look, the Earth’s climate changes. I get it. I am even willing to accept the idea that human beings have an impact on climate and the ecosystem in general. How could we not? How much that impact is actually changing things is – or at least should be – still up for debate.

My good friend, David Nabhan, is one of those who continues to raise questions about the totality of human-caused global warming. We’ll talk with him about his most recent article in which he points out that coal seam fires that are currently burning¬†are producing 20% of the amount of CO2 that human activity is, but there is no outcry whatsoever to “do something” about this rather large contribution to greenhouse gasses.


Election Day… More or Less

Hour 1 – The Primary election is Upon Us

The latest poll show Ka$hkari leading Donnelly 18-13; what will Conservatives do if Donnelly loses?


Hour 2 – Tiger Cubs

Visited by Tiger Cubs, Dave tries to stay on the election and the Bergdahl stories


Hour 3 – The EPA

The latest rules from the EPA will kill manufacturing and not have any impact whatsoever on Global Climate

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