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It’s a nuclear meltdown!

Apparently, it’s the end of the world because Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed. It’s not, and it’s really just a very small portion of the population that’s tweeting that he should be murdered. they are loud and they are obnoxious, but there’s only a small number of them.

Meanwhile, Conservative activists are just as stupid. Stop with the post about Justice Ginsberg “forgetting” the 14th amendment. She didn’t, and if you had actually watched the video instead of just reading the headline you would know that not only did she NOT forget it, you don’t know the relevant text word for word either.

Stormy Daniels brought her “act” to Sacramento. In addition to the usual collection of creepy old dudes giving her money to “dance” for them, half of the audience was women. They came (Phrasing!) to “support” her for having been paid for having sex with the President when he wasn’t the President.

A new United Nations report says that we must double our efforts to combat Climate Change. In Five Billion years nobody will care.


All Those Years Ago

Sorry I am late today. Thanks to my great friends at Verizon Frontier for making sure that the standard crappy internet service we get was extra-crappy today!

vote-kanye-copyNoted political guru and 2020 Candidate, Kayne West, announced that “if he had voted, it would have been for Trump.” As the crowd in San Jose booed, he explained that it was not because he supports anything he believes Trump supports, but because by supporting Trump as an African-American, he was could feel persecuted. Now he feels “vindicated.” Even though he didn’t actually vote for Trump. And there are spurious and unconfirmed reports that he and his mega-wife Kardasshian are leaving the country. I don’t believe them because they travel so much anyway.

Let’s be absolutely clear about this, while there is much discussion that can be had about both undocumented illegal immigration and PLRI refugee influx, the idea that ejecting anyone – ANYONE – is “supported” by the Supreme Courts ruling in Korematsu is ridiculous. While one could argue that the ruling still stands because it has not been reversed by the Court or overturned by Congress, there is no Court in the land that would buy that argument today. And before you go off and blame Trump for this one misguided individuals understanding of the law and the 14th Amendment, recall that it wasn’t that long ago that another Candidate for President explained to us that Dred Scott was still “the law of the land” because the Court had never reversed itself on that one either. Idiot. Read the rest of this entry

Mea Culpa

Ben has an ear infection, but you’d never be able to tell. The only reason that we knew was because (a) he didn’t want to go to the park on Wednesday afternoon and (b) he told Cami that “When I burp, my ear hurts.”

The doctor we have fixed him up with some super good meds, and today his is pretending he is really sick in hopes of getting out of going to school. He is failing, because he keeps wanting more breakfast and to practice writing his vowels on the chalkboard.

I, on the other hand, am not doing quite so good. Whatever creeping crud this is that has infected Ben’s ears has hit me pretty hard as well. Yesterday and so far this morning, I can hardly speak above a whisper, and anything more than five seconds of talking results in a coughing fit that ends with me having to sit down and a whole bunch of disgusting stuff being deposited in my tissue. I don’t want to go, but I have a feeling that I will end up at my Doctor today as well.

So that’s why I was not able to record Constitution Thursday yesterday and why I ended up going to bed with a slug of Nyquil at around 5pm. which sucked, because all the prep was done and I feel like it is a good episode. With luck, I will get to it this weekend.

And it’s also why there won’t be a show today, which also sucks because this is one of those occasions when I get to say that I was wrong. Incorrect, Misspoken and even that I had a brain fart.

Of course I know that Modesto requires 50%+1 to win the Mayorship, and I knew that on Wednesday. How many runoffs have I been a part of? Basically every one since Carmen Sabatino was elected the first time. which – by the by – caused an abrupt end to one of the first dates I went on after I moved here, when I predicted to her that Carmen would win that race, and the person I was out with happened to be on Dick Lang’s Campaign staff. 

So yeah, I brain farted and let my virtue rant override the actual operation of the election system.

Mea Culpa.

Now, let’s see how many people show up in February for the runoff. The over under will be right around 12,000 or so, and if I had to guess, it’ll be under that. Which hearkens back to my original point (which according to my notes was what I was supposed to say on Wednesday, but it didn’t come out that way, did it?) that in a city of 200,000, we can guesstimate that roughly 100,000 are “registered to vote.” I realize that it’s possibly a bit under that – 175,000 in the entire county – but it’s a fair and reasonable estimate that roughly or just under 50% of the City of Modesto’s population is registered to vote. Throw out the kids and those who are ineligible to vote (for now) and you’re probably safe saying that between 80,000 and 100,000 is a good number.

Which means that in the first round somewhere between 12% and 15% of the entire city’s eligible voters “picked” the final two. Since it’s likely to be even less people voting in the runoff, whoever wins will be governing with less than 15% of the people who can vote in the city having given an affirmative vote. In other words, no matter how you slice it, 80% of the people in the city will not have voted for the winner.

Now, you can make all kinds of rationale for that and even excuse it by saying that hey, of the people who did vote they preferred Candidate A and don’t we want a smaller, more engaged electorate anyway?

No… we don’t. We want a virtuous electorate. Big or small, it must be full of citizens who love their city.

And that, as they say, was supposed to have been my point.

Stuff we would have covered today:

My screw up on the runoff. Check

Ben Carson and the perceived attacks on him by the media and whether or not such “attacks” are “racist.”

  • Also, as an aside, apparently Dr. Carson believes that the Pyramids were built by the Jews for grain storage. He is, of course, free to believe that as a part of his religion, but should questions be asked about it?

  • For the record, ancient Egyptian history is one of my most beloved passions. I personally would have serious questions about a Presidential (or any other office) Candidate who seems to ignore facts for his personal position. Despite the occasional AHT Indiana Jones wannabe spouting some new theory about space aliens and the Pyramids, the FACTS are that the Pharaohs who built them left pretty detailed records about the pyramids, and none of them mention the Jews or grain. So while you can say that Carson’s position on the Pyramids is religious, should there not be serious questions about whether or not his faith will lead him to ignore other facts in favor of his other chosen positions on issues of substance?

The UC Merced Knife attack and the media reaction to the various elements of that attack.

  •     For example, the refusal by some news outlets to report the attackers name.

  •     Was it “terrorism” or something else?

  •     Did the assailant, Faisal Mohammed want to commit “suicide by cop?”

Tonight’s CNBC “Forum” as opposed to a debate, and some of the potential questions for Hillary and Bernie

New York is investigating an Oil Company for “Lying to investors” about Climate Change.

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