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She HAS To Know…

I am finally getting around to the point where I can reach the floor, and with my wife’s help I have managed to get the studio almost back into a functioning order. For the past nine months it has pretty much been the place where everything got put that nobody knew where else to put because Dave couldn’t move much. I’ve also ordered more soundproofing materials and have a plan to get them installed next week. We are getting closer!

world-series-game-7-cubs-indians-prediction-preview-pick-to-winLast nights game… Best. World. Series. Ever. It was as if the Baseball gods were going to drain every last bit of emotion and passion out of Cubs and Indians fans. I’ll admit it, I was happy when Davis hit the Home Run in the 8th. Whether Chapman was happy or not is another matter, but it was great for baseball. And that is the most important thing. My team – and your team – could not and would not have put on such a performance that captivated the entire country. The Cubs and the Indians did. And it was one for the ages.

Had a rather engaged conversation yesterday with my Cousin, Rob(b), who lives in another State that leans Democrat but still complains about the influence of Californians moving there (not Texas). It is interesting to me how many people who are really starting to realize that this country has become a mad house. Read the rest of this entry


Standing Rock = Bunkerville

CubsRegardless of whether or not my team – or your team – is in it, this has been one of the best World Series’ ever. In fact, and I say this as a pretty hardcore Dodgers fan – this Series is better because my team – and frankly most of ya’ll’s team – isn’t in it. The compelling story of two teams long regarded as losers and/or cursed, managed by the two best managers in the entire game, with the shadow of Buck Showater’s tragic mistake hanging over them has made for interesting moves, strategies and discussion. Far beyond what we would normally get.

Many insiders have now admitted that from a pure baseball pleasure and from a financial position of all of MLB considered, it would be better for the Indians to win tonight. There was a reason that the movie, Major League, was set in Cleveland, and it wasn’t because of the long and rich tradition of winning Cleveland baseball. The Indians are every bit the snake bit franchise the Cubs are, but without the soft blue unis, the little cub logo and the lush green ivy of Wrigley Field. For much of the last Century they played in the old Cleveland Stadium – a well known cemetery of a ball park – so bad that it wasn’t even used in the film.

I know this much as a baseball fan – there is no way the Dodgers (or the Giants) could have provided this much interest or entertainment over the course of a seven game series. This might very well go down – depending on how tonight goes – as the “perfect” World Series. And I hope that it does. Read the rest of this entry

Fahrenheit 451

So many errands to run today… I may need to re-evaluate my priorities. I no longer live my life by schedules, except for two things – Ben has to be at school at 0900 and be picked up at 1520. But if I am going to let my mood for the whole day be decided by whether or not I am done writing the blog at 0845, I need to seriously think about things.

Today is the celebration of so many things. First it’s NAVY DAY. First celebrated in 1922 to honor former President Theodore Roosevelt (who was big on the Navy, including “The Great White Fleet,” something no President would even consider today) on the anniversary of his birthday. After WWII, it sort of faded with the mothballing of the Navy. When Admiral Zumwalt came to the CNO’s office in the 70’s he tried to reignite it with mixed success. Now that the DDG-1000 has been commissioned Navy Day today recalls the great days of yore, and the leadership and innovations of Admiral Zumwalt.

January 1982

January 1982

Seven years ago today, I was in Los Angeles, at Cedar-Sinai Hospital, fully expecting my baby sister, Deanna, to die. She pulled through thanks to the great care there and today we celebrate her 43rd birthday. Once upon a time we were told that she wouldn’t survive that first week. The day she was born I threw the best block of my football career and sprang Tucker for a touchdown that beat our rivals. A few hours later we learned Deanna had been born, and on the day which marked the very first time I ever saw my father cry, we heard that we might lose her. Forty-three years later, we celebrate an amazing life filled with joy and pain.

Today, by the by, is Christmas! It is the birthday of my good friend, Jesus. Un muy feliz cumpleaños, amigo!

As far as the World Series goes, I am naturally inclined, as a National League guy, to pull for the Cubs. On the other hand, the Indians are almost an equally attractive team, and I do love the way they are using the pitching staff. But here’s the thing, when teams have had a long drought of championships and then the finally win one, they tend to become…. well… jerks. Read the rest of this entry

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