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The Dave & John Laser Containment Storage Facility

No new show today, as I have some family errands to run today.

But after yesterdays adventures with Dan the Photojournalists and his beloved Katie celebrating their anniversary, I also found this Top 5 segment from August 30, 2013, when the new Batman movie was even a discussion of the Rush Limbaugh Show.

This particular episode has a seminal place in the history of the Dave & John experience. Some day I might tell you the whole story, but this was the moment that began the end of the show.

So enjoy the Top 5 casting Choices for the new Batman Movie…



Flashback – Sweeping Her Off Her Feet…

From 02-14-2013, Dave and John talk about Valentine’s food and romance with Eric S. Lee…

Emu Wedding… It Was in Escalon..

Original Airdate: May 17, 2012

It way on this day in 2012 that a 14 year old boy bit into a Wendy’s hamburger and provided much entertainment to Dave, John and Mazzy. More importantly, Donna Summer passed away, which was sad, but at the same time allowed Dave to at long last forgiver her for the long national nightmare she inflicted on the entire nation in 1978.

It turned out that Mazzy was quite the Richard Harris fan, and his clothes as well. Also at least two of the Gibb Brothers remain dead. But  in any case, the boys, know how the whole Wedding DJ thing works, including what songs get the wrong people dancing…

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