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Racist Internet Dating


Hurricanes just suck.

I have way more experience with hurricanes than anybody raised in the Mountain West should ever have to have and I can say with authority and conviction that hurricanes just suck.

I continue to be amazed by our schizophrenic culture. On the one hand, tolerance! On the other hand, just say no to civility! On the other hand, tolerance! On the other hand, “I don’t want to date you because…” On the other hand…

Angel Hernandez sued Major League Baseball for racism because he wanted to be the umpire in a playoff game. That backfired on him. But it also raises deep questions about replay in baseball… and other sports…


Your Tzitzits Aren’t Showing

One of my “things” is that we – corporately as a society, not you specifically (although maybe you are) – have replaced so many formal actions with casual “Come-as-you-are” attitudes. Think about it. Do you really understand why it is appropriate to wear a tie and jacket? why do you “put on your Sunday best” for Church? Do you understand why Jews wear tzitzits? Do you get now why Mike Pence won’t be alone with a woman who is not his wife? And why is it then that more and more people seem put off by the idea of the “Billy Graham Rule?”

Some on the political Right seem to believe that we are headed for a second Civil War. Are we? No, but it shows that even the political right has bought into the mantra that “We’ve Never Been More Divided!”

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