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Chickens and Roosts and Dogs and Boycotts

121216-uspreselection2-1050x600As Monday dawns, the chatter from the weekend has been about Russia “tampering” with the US election. This has people posing all kinds of scenarios from a Manchurian Candidate to outright fraud. Of course, nothing is further from the truth, but neither side lets go of a good conspiracy theory if it feeds their confirmation bias and gets people to donate money to their cause.

Consider for a moment a couple of things, internationally countries have always “tampered” with other countries elections to very little avail, but also always deny it. In 1960, the Soviets were very clear that they preferred Kennedy over Nixon, and while they were not accused of directly interfering, they were accused of doing things that favored Kennedy. Which was weird because Kennedy was the hardliner who kept talking about the “missile gap” and the need to contain communism. As we would later learn, the Soviets were flat out scared of Nixon and believed that he would not have hesitated to start a war, whereas they believed Kennedy was bluster and bluff, especially since he knew that there was no “missile gap” but it appealed to voters he needed.

In the end, there is something rather amusing about the same Administration that openly admits that it tried to influence another countries election – a close ally –  and in fact spent your money to do so, but failed, crowing now about how Russia tried to “influence” our election. You can’t really have it both ways. Either you stay out of it and accept the outcomes or you try to influence them and then whine about how the chickens come home to roost. Read the rest of this entry


Loose Change

The 2015 MAMA’s Comedy Division race is heating up. You can vote for your favorite Comic HERE


The City of Modesto “found” another $3.15 Million in the cushions of Der Mayor’s couch… or they were padding the expenses and reducing the income. either way, the money is a reminder that Measure G is a scam and most importantly NOT a “Public safety Tax,” it’s a revenue increase for a City that doesn’t seem all that keen on keeping good books to begin with.

In looking at the Kaufmann Murder case, it is important to remember that getting away with murder is not as difficult as it seems. Through the years, a number of people have, including Robert Blake and OJ Simpson, who were high profile, but some others did it as well. It’s not just a matter of money, it’s a matter of getting publicity and people to believe you. It should be hard for the DA to get the conviction, and believe me, in this case it’s going to be…

The 9th Circuit Court today sits in a Three Judge Panel to hear the appeal of the Jones Case, in which a Santa Ana Judge struck down California’s Death Penalty as Unconstitutional. At issue is whether or not it takes too long to execute a prisoner in the State, and whether or not that is violation of the 8th Amendment. The problem is that California WANTS it to take a very long time.

The 2016 Race is getting weird. Clinton is not going down over eMails because she has been very, and I mean VERY careful about what she actually says about them. Plus the use of these eMails is a double edged sword for the White House. Trump says that he will make an announcement “very soon” about whether or not he’ll make a 3rd Party run. And Chris Christie announced his first Cabinet member choice to solve Illegal immigration.

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Creative History

frsdfAt long last we have reached the Holiest Week of the Year, and Dave is ready to celebrate what has already been a much better Shark Week.

Donald Trump is a GOP candidate for President. He is certainly stirring the pot by making loud and boisterous statements about what he allegedly thinks, but when you consider his entire history, not the created history that he has cloaked himself in for the last few weeks, why would anybody in the GOP, let alone Conservatives support The Donald for President?

The City of Modesto got caught selling water to a company that bottles it and sells it – out of State. The only real question is whether or not Governments in the State are seeking the “best use” of water as a policy or whether they are looking for the highest bidder for the water. The answer is pretty obvious.

Ina decidedly more interesting games than most, the US Women defeat Japan 5-2 to win the Women’s World Cup of Futbol. The problems with Soccer remain, but this game could go a ways towards making it more palatable to Americans.

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