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Slava Fetisov

Back in 2014 when I was able to go on the Central Valley Honor Flight, there was one of these men from our region right behind me on the bus. We had wonderful conversations about the boats and how we both found our way into them. The truth is that it was men like him who inspired me to go into the depths aboard my generations boats. They are tough men who did amazing things, as that entire generation of Veterans did. They are fading far too fast and soon all that will be left is the memories and records they left behind. And those whom they inspired.

Outgoing President Obama has promised “retaliation” against Russian hacking. Putting aside the fact that nobody can show any definitive way that the supposed hacking impacted the election, what exactly does he plan to do? He says that sanctions are an option, but aren’t we already doing that over Crimea and Ukraine? Are we really going to start a war over what it basically a fake news story? To be clear, I have no doubt that the Russians were hacking us. Show me precisely HOW it effected the outcome of the election. You know, like the way that CIA hacking of certain American Citizens effected the 2012 election…

121616-arizona-sheriff-contemptSheriff Joe has finally given up his “investigation” of Obama’s Birth Certificate. After five years of turning up exactly nothing (because there isn’t anything there), he complained that his investigation “wasn’t being taken seriously by the rest of the country.” He is, of course, correct about that. But much like a Candidate for President who looks for any excuse to cling to to explain why the results didn’t go his way, he blames the media, the culture, the mysterious “them” and anything and everything except his own irrational behavior. Much like a President accused of misbehavior takes to bombing aspirin factories in the Sudan, perhaps Sherriff Joe could have had more success at his wild goose chase if it had not been widely seen as an attempt to deflect his own legal issues? In any case, we can now draw the curtain closed on one of the more colorful and odd characters of the past decade as he rides off into the sunset. Read the rest of this entry


Trump IS a Politician

Back in 2014 I was honored to go along on the Central Valley Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. We covered it on the show at the time, and it was really an amazing three days. Spending that time with World War II, Korea and Vietnam Vets was an incredible experience. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak to the Modesto Chapter (Major Hugh Moss) of the Daughters of the American Revolution about that experience with CV Honor Flight. Today’s audio is the speech I gave to the DAR folks on November 12th of this year.

The Central Valley Honor Flight is continuing to provide these trips and expanding them to Korean war and Vietnam war Veterans. They also are still looking for a Corporate Sponsor. It is 100% funded by donations, and every dollar helps. Please think about it as the year comes to an end and you need that last minute tax deduction. The CV Honor Flight could sure put that money to great use!

I did not vote for Trump (or Clinton), but I have been telling you for more than a year that he is not a conservative. Period. If you voted for him thinking that you were going to get the second coming of Reagan, I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. The man’s entire CV has been one gigantic celebration of opportunism, not conviction (for the record, so has Hillary Clinton’s life been).

So if you’re upset that he is not going to “Lock Her Up,” it can only be because you forgot the first rule of politicians: Everything they say is a lie. If you actually believed him when he said that he would “lock her up,” then there is almost nothing that I can do to help you. Read the rest of this entry

Final Reunion Planned for USS Arizona – WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Final Reunion Planned for USS Arizona – WAR HISTORY ONLINE.

I meant to add this to the Blog today, but got distracted by Ben’s Roller Coaster game meltdown and forgot. If you have ever been to Pearl Harbor, then you already have the experience of standing over the USS Arizona as her tears well up from below. If you haven’t been, it’s worth the trip. And it is yet another reminder that we are losing our WWII Vets quickly. 

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