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Spammers, Spies & Soda


More “bombs,” more questions…

The recent reports of the Facebook “hack” seemed to alarm people. For about an hour. It should alarm you still, not because it was a “hack,” it wasn’t. It turns out that there was hardly any effort at all. Mostly because we are stupid. Is my own Social Media use affecting my son? Read the rest of this entry


Just Use The Standard Talk Show Thought Process

Everybody keeps telling me how horrible 2016 was. Celebrity deaths, violence, the cancellation of The Jim Gaffigan Show. I get it, it was a bad year.

It’s hard for me to think in those terms. In January, I couldn’t walk without horrible pain. In February I went to Seattle for my Uncle’s funeral. While there it was clear that I could hardly stand up, let lone walk for more than a minute without swelling and the most intense pain I have ever had. I say that as a man who has gone through a shattered hand, three bouts of kidney stones and an infected pilonidal cyst (trust me, do not Google that). By the end of February the pain was – up to that moment – the worst I have ever had, and had essentially crippled me. Read the rest of this entry

The Slippery Slope Into Democracy

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62665704Legislation has now been introduced to make it a crime, complete with fines and potential incarceration, to say, print or otherwise use “transphobic propaganda”. This would include, by the by, saying that there is no such thing as “transgender,” you either have a penis or a vagina. That would be considered “hate speech” under the proposed new law.

Now you can say to me that this proposed legislation, which is a classic example of the progressive idea of “solving a perceived social problem by using law instead of persuasion,” is in fact, in Canada, so why should I care?

There are a couple of reasons. First, Canada has a Constitutional guarantee of free speech. The Minister who proposed this law said, and I quote, “Free speech rights do not excuse violations of the law.”

Second, as Americans, and specifically as New Yorkers, we also have a Constitutional guarantee of free speech. And yet, in New York city, the same type of law has also been proposed.

So what happens in a world where free speech, the right, as it were, to speak truth to power, is outlawed? A world where to acknowledge the emperors new clothes isn’t just to help realize the absurd, it’s a crime against the State?

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