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Just Use The Standard Talk Show Thought Process

Everybody keeps telling me how horrible 2016 was. Celebrity deaths, violence, the cancellation of The Jim Gaffigan Show. I get it, it was a bad year.

It’s hard for me to think in those terms. In January, I couldn’t walk without horrible pain. In February I went to Seattle for my Uncle’s funeral. While there it was clear that I could hardly stand up, let lone walk for more than a minute without swelling and the most intense pain I have ever had. I say that as a man who has gone through a shattered hand, three bouts of kidney stones and an infected pilonidal cyst (trust me, do not Google that). By the end of February the pain was – up to that moment – the worst I have ever had, and had essentially crippled me. Read the rest of this entry


Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar

I have a very busy morning today – just some basic family stuff that is taking up most of my day, so some short notes this morning.

The Obamacare (He loves that name!) ruing today that the IRS SUBSIDIES ARE ILLEGAL is a good ruling, but it will not change the basic equation ad it will not overturn the ACA. The law itself is the question here, and all that will need is a Congressional Action to amend the Law to correct the oversight OR an Executive Order which shouldn’t work, but since Congress has no balls will. Doug Johnson will join us today at 4pm to talk about the ruling and the potential for changes to the ACA. Here is his initial take on the ruling from the HORSE SENSE BLOG.

Many of us were concerned that the Governor might name Darrell Steinberg to the vacant seat on the California Supreme Court. He did not do that, but HE DID PICK A LEFTIST, Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, 41, was a special assistant for justice and regulatory policy in the Obama White House in 2009 and 2010 and was co-chair of the Obama transition’s immigration policy working group in 2008 and 2009,

Governor Brown has also decided that the Homeowners Associations that try to fine people for having brown lawns are out of line and he has SIGNED LEGISLATION TO BAN FINES by HOA’s against people who try to save water.

The Stockton Asparagus Festival WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR after all. A local promoter will move it to the Fairgrounds. It just won’t be called the Stockton Asparagus Festival.

What is this? The Internet being USED TO MOCK PEOPLE? The hell you say…

Some of you – and you know who you are – simply poo-pooed the idea I brought up yesterday that Jerry Brown is at least considering a run for the White House. Here we have the NY Times n an op-ed PRAISING CALIFORNIA and our “Prop 14 Top Two” system which eliminates choice and violates that 1st Amendment in favor of “accomplishment” and budget surpluses. Now you can say, “Dave, Chuck Shumer is a Hillarte,” but I am telling you that Hillary is shooting herself in the foot over and over again, and a populist like Brown, who at least looks like he is actually “getting stuff done” is more appealing to the Democrats that a polarizing not sure thing Hillary. And now it seems that MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ON THE LEFT are looking again at the California Governor who has all but shed his “Moonbeam” moniker and claimed the mantel of a guy who can “get things done.”

President “I Didn’t Say That…”

California Supreme Court Justice Marvin Baxter announced this week that he will retire at the end of his tem in January. While it would be be a stretch to label any California Justice as “Conservative,” it is also true that Justice Baxter was rated as 0.48 on the Stanford Ideology Scale, while the average for all the Justices was a -.32, meaning that Justice Baxter was well to the right of his colleagues. when he steps down, the new Justice will be appointed rather quickly, I would think. But he or she will not face the voters until the next General election. So it will be2016 before we get our say on the new Justice. It is doubtful that Governor Brown will appoint an equally un-liberal leaning Justice to the Bench, which means that when We the People are asked to confirm he new Justice (presumably in November of 2016), we will need to be alert. Obviously I’ll more more to say about this in January of next year.

The State of Texas seems determined to “one up” California in pretty much everything. Ever since Vince Young and the Longhorns downed USC in one of the greatest NCAA Football games – and the only legitimate BCS Championship game ever – it seems like Texas has continued to beat down California at everything and anything. Including it now seems, High Speed Rail. Texas has announced that it is planning to build HSR. But unlike California, the TEXAS one will (a) actually be built and (b) be PAID FOR BY PRIVATE INVESTMENT.

There’s not real surprise that President “I Didn’t Say That” Obama can’t seem to get his story straight ON TROOP WITHDRAWALS FROM IRAQ. Now he didn’t say that he didn’t that it was his idea. This actually makes my meter swing back towards “Incompetence” as the explanation for all these f’ups. Seriously, there’s no way that the President and his Campaign, with all their social media and interwebs savvy, don’t know that there are recordings and videos of what he has said before. So why lie? And when the Media – in this case the Washington Post – notices the stupid lie, what does it say about the Administration?

San Joaquin County might be in the “exceptional” category when it comes to the drought, but it is “below average” it comes to FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN THE COUNTY. Only 3.4% of the jobs in SJ County are “foreign owned,” but  am not at all clear on why being below average (5%) is a bad thing?

Ee have been working hard on getting the CONSTITUTION THURSDAY WEBSITE redesigned and more “user friendly.” If you (unlike the consultant) are a fan of Constitution Thursday, swing on by the Website and join in the Constitution goodness.

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