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Editors Note: Dave is pretty distracted today. He lost his weekly notes that he drafts on Sunday which had the Friday outline in them. While the podcast isn’t exactly a “stream of conscience” moment, it is a bit more of Dave ruminating on the recent shows and the course his own life is about to take.

600525_10150847195888344_831094096_nThere was a time when the Nation was practically invulnerable. On the night before he left office, Ike explained to JFK why certain things had been handled the way that they had been. Despite Kennedy’s campaign issue on the so-called “missile gap” with the Soviets, Eisenhower had remained silent on the matter, refusing to help Nixon’s campaign by refuting the false claim.

And now, in the office he would occupy just after noon the next day, Kennedy learned why he had been so silent. In that moment, Kennedy would later realize, lie the difference between a campaign for President and actually being President.

As the meeting between the two men wrapped up, Ike reached for the phone, and said three short words. within a few moment, the Marine 1 Helicopter was waiting on the South Lawn. As the two men left the office and returned to the groups they were with, he said, “I’ve just shown my friend here how to get out of here in a hurry.”

Is it happening? There have been some rumors going about, and in truth Dave actually started them, but now the answer and the official word can be announced about the Big Move to the PACNORWEST.

Dave gives you his predictions about the AFC and NFC Championships on Sunday.

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Blood On The Windscreen

bwsOne “sure” sign of the end of the recession is AN INCREASE IN TRAFFIC FATALITIES. On Friday, a six year old girl who went to Ben’s school was killed crossing the street when a driver claimed that the sun was “in his eyes.” The Police reminded drivers that they have a responsibility to make sure that they are not “going too fast for the conditions.” It’s time for drivers to slow down. get off the phone, put away the other distractions and concentrate on the road before them. That means Dave too, by the way. Or we can start explaining to parents why their children aren’t coming home from school…

The next Debt Ceiling fight is well underway and has already cost Speaker Boehner his job, while some are pretty sure that it will also cost Mitch McConnell his. Those are the only positive things to potentially come out of this latest version of the same old story which will end exactly the same way. Again.

A couple of weeks ago, the Legislature defeated SB350’s 50% mandated cut in gasoline usages. No less an authority on the economy and the environment than Sandra Fluke informed us that they (meaning the left) would “do it via regs.” On Friday, the CARB took the first step of forcing gasoline usage cuts on the people of California… “via regs…”

Are the 49er’s in deep doo-doo? People keep saying that Peyton Manning is “done.” Sure didn’t look like it last night, huh?

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Super Week Begins

Super Week is finally here. We have much happening, the Big Game, The State of the Union and a big announcement.

It is, of course, always a special time of year, but this year is even better (for me, anyway) as my beloved Broncos head back to the big game. If I had to pick my favorite Broncos memory – and remember, I was growing up in Denver in the 1960’s, it would be Sunday, September 30, 1973. That year was special for several reasons, the first winning season (7-5-2), the first playoff run (missed by half a game), the first Monday Night football appearance and so on. Read the rest of this entry

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