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Bork Flight Now Boarding

As we sit on tenterhooks and await with baited breath and every other cliché for the metaphorical Borking of Kavanaugh to draw to its merciful close, we notice that other things are happening in the world of Republican (GOP) controlled government that are all about freedom, liberty and making sure that the American people are protected.

I kid, of course. They passed a new FAA bill that does absolutely nothing to make your life better or freer, but does make sure that they get a lot – and I mean a LOT – more lobbying money and goodies from their buddies in the Airline Industry while promising you and me to “regulate” seat size.

Which, of course, brings us back to the real problem that Totalitarian, Run-Every-Aspect-Of-Your-Life Government types – regardless of party, have with Judge Kavanaugh, which is nothing about abortion, women, or #MeToo. It is 100% about a pervert named Gundy and whether or not the 4th Branch of Government should even exist.

Speaking of cases the Court might hear, former Bremerton High Football Coach Joe Kennedy is making the rounds of social again with memes that are not only designed to inflame the passions of WASPs but are inherently leaving out a couple of MAJOR facts. Time to actually THINK, people, don’t just swallow the echo chambers Kool-Aid…

Rod Rosenstein should have been fired already, but thanks to our “politics first” mentality he wasn’t. Now, he has signed his termination papers, but thanks to our “politics first” mentality he hasn’t actually walked out the door yet…

The Flat-Earthers have an explanation for pretty much everything. Even the fall equinox. which includes the idea that the sun is a basketball-sized heat amp 3000 miles away. seriously. They believe that. And they vote…



Jumping the Kavanaugh Shark

Judge Kavanaugh makes waves when HE himself reveals that back in 1999 he participated in a roundtable discussion and suggested that – heresy though it might be to say it – US v Nixon might have been decided “wrongly.” So… is this is the long-sought “smoking gun” so desperately needed to impede his nomination? Hardly.

There are things in Judge Kavanaugh’s record, however, that causes me to look at his nomination with deep caution.

The Pentagon is giving $200 Million of OUR money away. There’s barely a ripple of discussion of this in the media. Why? Because it doesn’t support the narrative of “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! THE RUSSIANS!”

The Holiest week of the Year is upon us. I approach this year’s Shark Week with some element of trepidation, given that it appears to be little more than an opportunity for B-list celebrities and fading superstars to tease us with the hope of finally getting to see somebody getting eaten by a shark on live television. Dave gives you his impressions of the first night of the Holy Week.

*Not to be confused with Nixon v US… Listen to Dave & John discuss that case on Constitution Thursday HERE.


Cold Waters

“You know who else believed that “National Security” trumps individual rights? King George…”

I wish that I could tell you that I am 100% ready for the day… but I am not. Why not? That dang Soviet Alfa kept outrunning my Mk48 torpedoes. They’re fast little buggers…

Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues with Judge Kavanaugh. Is he an Originalist? Or even the dreaded “Overturn Roe v Wade” animal that you might think? Or… is he just another big government hand-in-your-pocket to “protect you” guy?

Does he really believe that “National Security” really trumps individual rights?


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