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Do Not Boldly Go Where No One Has Before

They say that the third day of anything difficult, a new diet or exercise program, quitting smoking, giving up caffeine, whatever, is the hardest day. Well, it’s the third day of the new recovery program after the procedure was completed early Monday morning. Believe me, if I could even think about quitting, I would. My knee feels like it was beaten with a stick and then forced to go on a 10 mile hike over broken ground in brand new combat boots. But for all of that, at least I can sit properly now!

Given what’s happening in the world though, it seems like there is a lot to analyze and consider. But really, is there? The same questions that were asked once a long time ago have yet to be answered, meaning that even despite an 800 page greywash report, we still do not know why what happened on September 11, 2012 actually happened.

And – what a shocker – the same people responsible are still doing the same things, now in airports in other “moderate” PLRI countries.

star-trekBut the real argument of the day is over “intellectual property.” Led Zeppelin was found to have not “stolen” the idea that became “Stairway to Heaven.” But the “owners” of one of the most iconic and beloved SciFi shows of all time seem hell bent on making sure that nobody else ever has an idea that might cross their boundaries ever again. Because, by the Great Bird of the Galaxy, they own it and you don’t. So put your word processor down and forget that you ever even thought of an idea that might might a decent Star Trek® story. CBS doesn’t want to hear it…

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Hire the Homeless to Clean Up The City?

The Hillary hearing is over. What was accomplished? Not much. If you were pro-Hillary before, nothing in these hearings changed you mind. And if you think that Hillary is the wicked Witch of the East complete with stripped socks and a hideous cackle, nothing in these hearings changed your mind. Which brings up the question of the tactics of the GOP, why keep banging their head against the wall if they know it won’t work?

Clean UpA local businessman running for City Council District 1 has suggested that we “hire the homeless to clean up the city.” It’s just the latest in a long line of ideas to deal with the homeless that sounds great up front, but really hasn’t been thought very well…. yet.

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Two Hundred Twenty Seven Years and Counting

Happy Constitution Day! Two Hundred and twenty-seven years ago, the Convention finished its work and signed the Document they meant to present to the nation. It wasn’t the end of the debate, it was the real beginning, as those few and special men finally finished their work, now it had to be debated and discussed and ratified by the people. Take a few minutes today and read through the Constitution, visit CONSTITUTION THURSDAY on the web or on Facebook, and see if there are still lessons for us today.

The Minnesota Vikings did the only thing that the could do late last night when the RE-DEACTIVATED ADRIAN PETERSON. The only thing that the Vikings owner got right in his presser this morning is that he made a mistake yesterday in re-instating Peterson. Look, this is NOT a Court of Law, and to date, AP has been indicted, but not convicted of anything from  legal standpoint. But the gridiron is not a Court of Law, it’s a Court of Public Opinion and in that Court, the Vikings were hurting themselves, insulting millions of fans, and causing the NFL as a whole major headache. Every now and again, some Congressweasel gets the idea to ELIMINATE THE TAX EXEMPT STATUS of Pro Sports, in this case targeted the NFL, and these types of stupid moves like the Vikings made, just raise the profile for politicians who believe that they can best get re-elected by “taking a stand” against the league. My best guess is that is won’t be long before the Panthers and the 49ers follow suite with their problem athletes.

I would be surprised if anything new or “explosive” comes out of THE HOUSE BENGHAZI HEARINGS which started this morning. The left will claim that the hearings are “politicized,” and then do everything that they can to politicize them. The right will claim that they are not politicized, but do everything that they can to use the hearings against Hillary Clinton (and they should). At the end of the day, until and unless we know why, on the one day of the year that every American Ambassador in a PLRI country should be quietly secured in a protected bunker, ours went to n unsecure, possibly even unguarded “Consulate” (a rented villa) in the heart of PLRI terrorist control, we won’t be anywhere near understanding why what happened, happened.

In Scotland, polls show that the pro-Independence side and the Unionist side are running neck-and-neck and it’s too close to call. But is that really the case? What if the pro side is so violent and intimidating that the UNIONISTS ARE KEEPING QUIET UNTIL THEY GET TO THE POLLS? This, by the by, would not be without some historical precedent. In our battle for Independence, those who were against us or perhaps not as fervent as the Patriots thought that they should be about it, were treated with disdain and intimidation, INCLUDING DISARMING THEM. So while the polls might be close, we’ll have to wait another day to see what the real feeling of the Scots are. One has to wonder though, what happens if the Unionists win?

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