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A Lot To Say

In the immortal words of Tony DeSare, I’ve really got s lot to sy about yesterday’s adventure.

On the downside, Ben had been sick since we went to Tacoma a couple of weeks ago. He’s had a cough that is now getting worse and an eye infection, possibly pink eye – that isn’t responding to the eye drops.

When I got home late last night, he was still awake. I walked into the bedroom and he saw me – yes, he was still awake – and I wish that I had the right words to describe the smile that slowly spread across his face. His eye meeting mine, it was the kind of moment that makes being a Dad so incredible.

“Dad, you were gone all day,” he said, not whining, but just happy to see me.

I was. It was a “Dave Day.” The first one I’ve had in years, and I enjoyed myself very much. I laughed, I saw things I’d not seen before and I spent time with my cousin. I’ve told you many times that I am closer to him than most any of the rest of my family, so it was good day. We closed the day catching a Comedy show in Modesto, and my sides still hurt from laughter.

None of that compares to that smile Ben had when I got home.

I will have a lot to say about what we saw and did and why. But Ben is sick today, his eyes hurting and his throat sore. Even his ears seem to bother him. So we’re off again to see his pediatrician and hopefully get this knocked out for good.

As soon as I get a quiet moment, I’ll be in the studio and ready to talk.

Because I’ve really got a lot to say!


Little Boys & Big Dreams

Dave is officially “on vacation,” not that it is really a vacation so much as it is a delivery job. Before he heads out, we need to take a few moments and contemplate the really important things.

Which aren’t as much about Bernie and Hillary or even Trump as they are about the little boys who are the future.

One of our listeners has a little boy who will be undergoing some pretty serious surgery today. Thoughts and prayers are great, hopes for the future rest on the children we have today, who will someday be the leaders of our land.

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A Hard Start

My voice is still not 100%, so I’ve decided to rest it for one more day before we kick off the new year. Pretty sure that the Bundy’s will still be holed up in Oregon and the President’s Executive Gun grabs will still be being dissected for what they really are even twenty-four hours from now.

What will change tomorrow is that Ben will be back at school. But it won’t be the same. His beloved teacher, Mrs. Moore, was badly injured in a car accident over the holidays. She is going to be okay eventually, but it’s going to be a long road to recovery.

Ben loves her dearly, and it was Mrs. Moore who actually coined the term “Benisms.” Apparently he is quite the random talker when he gets the chance, and he wants to make sure that she is aware of his vast knowledge of volcanoes and Minecraft. He is always dropping interesting facts on her that he just has to share. Most of them are really funny, and she had taken to sharing them with us and the other Kindergarten teachers.

I have been very impressed with her, mostly because she can get him to sit still and listen for more than a minute. Seriously, when I was in kindergarten I came home one day covered in paste with a note pinned to my shirt assuring my mother that I had not been just dunked in it. Ben comes home from Kindergarten counting into the hundreds, talking about vowels and constantans and even spelling out words phonetically. I realize that we push kids much harder today to go faster than we did, but still, her ability to teach him these things has been VERY impressive to me.

We have had numerous communications about Ben’s progress and our involvement at home. When we went for his Parent Teacher Conference, I was most impressed by her follow up after the meeting. It showed that she genuinely cared and wasn’t just about mouthing the right phrases.

8007103_1451963287.3508_funddescriptionAt any rate, thanks to a variety of factors of which I am only partially aware, this magnificent teacher is now sidelined indefinitely, in a great deal of pain, still smiling and now not going to get paid.

So, I link here a GOFUNDME page set up on Mrs. Jennifer Moore’s behalf. Cami and I will be donating, and while you may not have any reason to do so, or perhaps your funds can go better elsewhere, I wanted to make sure that you knew about it, because every bit will help.

Most of all, this is yet another reminder of how fragile life really is. And it’s why I say that you should take every opportunity, even the one right now, to tell people who matter to you that that you love them and that you’d miss them if they were gone. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring and believe me, you do not want to have that regret.

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