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Rutherford B. Hayes

The aftermath of yesterday’s Capitol Gazette Shooting is as predictable as a sunrise. Basically, say it with me, how you react to it says more about your political views than it does the actual event. I was watching my beloved Seattle Mariners play in Baltimore as the shooting unfolded. It was an interesting dichotomy, watching the joy of the game and the horror of the attack.

The idea that Roe v Wade is now going to be overturned is making people crazy. On one side, people are rejoicing over something that not only hasn’t happened but is not likely to happen. On the other side, people are melting down over the same thing that has not happened, and still isn’t likely to happen. Seriously, have you thought through what it would take to get Roe v Wade overturned by the US Supreme Court?

Some Presidents are loved, some reviled. Some of them elicit the “Who was that?” response. And then there is Rutherford B. Hayes…


Influence For Money

Somebody explain to me why a Russian buying $150k worth of ads on Facebook is bad, but an ex-Congressman who spent $84,000 tax dollars to settle his own sexual misconduct charge getting hired by a Texas Port Authority (salary $160,000.10/year) to take “part in an organized attempt to influence legislators” is just fine and dandy?

Seriously, what is it about disgraced Congressweasels that makes them adept at “influencing” legislators?

Do you know what the real problem with PEDs in sports – particularly Baseball – is? It really isn’t the athletes ingesting or injecting themselves with potentially harmful substances. Frankly, it’s their choice, right? The problem is that is messes with the integrity of the game. Idon’t mean that in the way you think that I mean it. It’s not the “cheating” angle to which I object. It’s the fairness of it in which I see a basic way to treat MiLB players even worse than they already are treated.  Let me explain…

A New (C)old War


A new Cold War seemingly hangs its pall over the joy that was Opening Night of the 2018 MLB Season, which is already missing one of the best things about it for me.

The Neo-Soviet Russians aren’t just taking the Diplomatic slap across the face from the US and the rest of the world. Yesterday they retaliated and reacted in the most predictable way. Now there is deepening concern that they will go even further.

Seattle is in a uproar over a California Supreme Court ruling that Coffee is “dangerous.” And we’ll take a look at some of the lighter side of the news on a Friday episode of Plausibly Live

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