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We Support Free Speech In Principle, But…

Yeah, I know… “Important stuff…” The Stockton Ports season ended last night, and my good friend Zack Bayrouty left us with some thoughts that I think are yet another reason why he is The Best.

And now on to Monday…

One of the many, many questions that I have is why is there such a fear of ideas? in recent months we have seen the ACLU decide that in the future they will defend cases not on the basis of free speech, but rather on the basis of whether or not that speech supports the values to which the ACLU clings. Now, we see a Mathematics paper which sought to try an explain WHY a certain thing seems to happen being suppressed because, in the words of one opponent, most “normal” people won’t be smart enough to dispute it like she can (specific quote: [S]he worried that other, presumably less sophisticated, readers “will just see someone wielding the authority of mathematics to support a very controversial, and potentially sexist, set of ideas…”).

In other words, the force of government is being used to prevent any possible discussion of an idea which might deviate from the approved and accepted position. Remember that when the rubber meets the road, “the Department Head had explained that sometimes values such as academic freedom and free speech come into conflict with other values to which Penn State was committed.”

Clearly, those values do not only not include the 1st Amendment at a State Funded (government) University that once defended a Football Coach who covered for a Child Abuser but will not allow for any discussion of an idea that might be thought-provoking or, I suppose, triggering.

Let’s take a look at another of these ideas that we are not allowed to discuss. David Nabhan’s most recent article has hit on a subject near and dear to my own interest – the so-called “Peak Oil” Theory. Way back in the day, we used to have a regularish guest on “On the Road,” who not only espoused the Peak Oil Theory but used it to predict doom and gloom and the end of the world. He would get testy when I would I object, and to this day he has still never answered my three objections to Peak Oil. First, Peak Oil assumes that we explored the entire planet, and we have not. Second, Peak Oil assumes that drilling technology will never improve, and it will. Lastly, Peak Oil assumes that the natural processes by which oil is formed have ceased.

Now, those processes have always been assumed to be the death of millions upon millions of carbon-based life forms, followed by millions of years of compression and heat, leaving behind the viscous fluid we call “oil.” But… what if that is not how crude oil is formed?

Well… here is the land of the free, you really cannot even talk about that concept.

And It’s Rosh Hashana.


Spanking The Hippo

Recently the Experts have been complaining that the American People don’t believe them. Why would that be?

PRODUCERS NOTE: I have no idea what the hell happened here. Dave was supposed to be talking about this whole Experts Not Being believed topic, and somehow that turned into Spanking the Hippo about Gays, Jews, Trump being executed by Gay-Jewish commandos and why Dave has issues and questions with religious faith. Some days it is impossible to keep him on topic. – Producer Henri

Robinson Cano is coming back tonight for the Mariners. PEDS, which used to be called steroids, have really messed with the perception of the game, and have hurt the Minor Leaguers with a dream.

The #warwithoutend which we were told is over, turns out it isn’t over as the 101st Airborne is back in action in Eastern Afghanistan against the resurgent Taliban who have their own news website. with the new defense Bill, this war should be able to go on until Congresspeople get re-elected still not having done their Constitutional duty…

Rutherford B. Hayes

The aftermath of yesterday’s Capitol Gazette Shooting is as predictable as a sunrise. Basically, say it with me, how you react to it says more about your political views than it does the actual event. I was watching my beloved Seattle Mariners play in Baltimore as the shooting unfolded. It was an interesting dichotomy, watching the joy of the game and the horror of the attack.

The idea that Roe v Wade is now going to be overturned is making people crazy. On one side, people are rejoicing over something that not only hasn’t happened but is not likely to happen. On the other side, people are melting down over the same thing that has not happened, and still isn’t likely to happen. Seriously, have you thought through what it would take to get Roe v Wade overturned by the US Supreme Court?

Some Presidents are loved, some reviled. Some of them elicit the “Who was that?” response. And then there is Rutherford B. Hayes…

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