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Constitution Thursday – “No Religious Tests…”

Breaking both the timeline and the 4th Wall, the debate of religion and government in the United States has taken on a new and particularly partisan tone in recent days, as the Nation tries to decide what to do about the Syrian Refugee problem. Oddly enough, the debate has taken on religious tone, as some say that “as Christians” we must accept the refugees, while others say that we must not. Scripture is quoted to both support and defy the idea of bringing in the refugees.

thumbs_intelligent_design_church_state_science_and_a_large_high_wallBut as Dave so often says, people do not change. The do the same things for the same reasons usually with the same results, throughout history. Indeed, as we have already seen, they even have the same arguments.

As the debate over debate the ratification of the Constitution continued, one of the ideals bubbled to the surface – religion, and the lack thereof in the proposed Constitution, came to the front and center. But you might be surprised as to who was on which side of things, and why. And how it shows that all these centuries later, we are still debating the same questions as those who debated the Ratification of the Constitution.

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One Man’s Faith

In 1960, the biggest issue in the Presidential election between Vice President Nixon and Senator Kennedy wasn’t the danger of Soviet communism to world peace and stability. It wasn’t poverty, it wasn’t medical care. It was whether or not John Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, would as President, take orders from the Pope or not. In fact, Kennedy had to go out of his way to explain his views on the separation of Church and states as no other Candidate on a Presidential ticket (including Mitt Romney and Joe Lieberman) ever has. With Dr. Ben Carson’s recent comments about a hypothetical Muslim candidate, it brings into focus once again the words that Kennedy used to describe his beliefs and attitudes on the matter or religion and the Oval Office.

The City of Modesto claims that it is so broke that it MUST have $14 Million a year in Measure G Sales Taxes – a general fund tax – which it has described as a “public safety tax,” even though it isn’t. It IS a general fund tax that can and will be spent any way the City Council deems “necessary. Which will – if approved – include a brand new website costing some $120,000. Oh, and $0 of that will be spent in Modesto, Stanislaus County or even California. The company the City wants to spend Measure G General Fund taxes to hire is in Manhattan. Kansas.

Just another reminder… there is no such thing as a temporary tax.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews. It is also the day the world is yet again, supposed to end, but probably won’t. Certainly didn’t if you’re reading this, and if it did, you won’t see it anyway!


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