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The Trump Pardon

On Constitution Thursday we delve into the statement by the current President to the effect that he could pardon himself, were such a pardon were actually needed.

It isn’t as clear-cut as you might want it to be – from a Constitutional viewpoint. But I would think that from a political viewpoint, it would create immense problems. Great problems. The biggest and best problems we’ve ever seen in this country.

And that would be, of course, just the beginning…


Mr. Madison’s War

President Trump has exercised his Executive authority to call forth the National Guard for the expressed purpose of “doing Military things” to guard the border with Mexico.

Whether or not you agree with his policy, today we ask the question about why it is that the President is calling forth the militia of the several states, when Article I section 8 makes it clear that Congress is supposed to be doing that. 

It’s Constitution Thursday on Plausibly Live…

The Mean Streets of Offendmeville, USA

As protests predictably erupted across the nation, there remained a great deal of confusion regarding the use of the Executive Order by President Trump to initiate his so-called “Muslim Ban.” While the average citizen certainly has his or her opinion, and good on’em for doing so, even Members of Congress expressed their opinions about the Order. The problem is that their opinions are made for TV, not for the law which they themselves passed. Read the rest of this entry

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