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Welcome to the 21st Century


Amazon has been playing the fiddle… the tax fiddle. Some cities are waking up today and realizing how much of a tax burden they dodged by NOT getting the new Amazon HQ2 Divided by 2. Unfortunately for New York residents, it’ll cost them at least $43K each…

The answer is the same that’s it has always been.

Ballistic Missile Submarines are what the Battleship was in 1914. They represent the power and prestige of a nation. Unlike Aircraft Carriers they cannot “project” power nor can they control Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOCS). in reality, the grand Battleships of the Great White Fleet and the British Home Fleet couldn’t either. Those tasks fell to lesser, faster and more mission diverse ships. But Boomers… they represent something Mahan never really contemplated in Naval Power. The ability to deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the world in less time than it takes to order a takeout pizza.

SSBN’s are seen as a “Second Strike” system, which will cause a potential adversary to think twice. Thus, rational opponents are “deterred” by the presence and viability of the deliverable weapons. And now India has announced that it has this capability. They don’t actually have it yet, but it is inevitable.

The Seattle Mariners have managed to get themselves into some Political Incorrect hot water. In Wisconsin, a High School dance photo went sideways when a photographer asked the kids in the picture to do something politically incorrect. The obvious question is “How does this keep happening in the 21st Century?”


The Wonderful Thing About Not Working

We are watching Seattle literally eat itself over the Amazon tax.

The wonderful thing about spending a weekend not working is that one has time to think about things. Which, technically, is working after all because I make my bones by forming opinions about things about which I have spent time thinking. So I guess I spent the weekend working after all. In addition to battling the lawn into submission.

Nevertheless, after thinking about some things, specifically the Iran Nuclear Deal, I am puzzled about the Iranian reaction.

After the whole “Death to America” spectacle in the Iranian Consultative Assembly, what happened? Did Iran automatically announce that they were unilaterally withdrawing from the agreement? Isn’t that what you would think that they would do if they really believed that the US abrogating the agreement was harmful to it?

Politics as usual means that, whichever side of the aisle you think has your best interests at heart, Congress will on the one hand try to pass laws that are clearly Unconstitutional because they believe that people who vote for them will like the law, while at the same time refusing to pass laws to fund Treaty actions that leave Military Aircrews basically abandoned on the ground in Russia.

Yes. That Russia.

When Socialism Met Reality

The City of Seattle had an idea. The $200 Million they are spending every year on “addressing homelessness” wasn’t enough to solve whatever issue they are trying to solve. They needed more. Looking around, they realized that there are some six hundred businesses located in Seattle that have revenues of more than $20 Million/year. They have thousands of employees. “So…” thought Seattle, “We’ll just apply a head tax to those 150,000 employees and, ‘voila!’ an extra $75 Million/year to ‘address” homelessness!” Read the rest of this entry

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