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Disappearing Taney

Why are they gonna disappear him?
I don’t know. That ain’t even good grammar… – Catch-22

Segment 1 – Tom Clancy Disease

With the recent collision of the USS John S. McCain near Singapore, the return of the “Facebook Admiral” pretty much sets my teeth on edge. Look, going to sea is dangerous. Period. But we humans have been doing it so long that we take it for granted and we believe that it is safe. Especially with the advances in technology. But the fact is that all those things, radar, sonar, computers and electronic wizardry, are only tools. If Sailors – who, the last time I checked, are imperfect human beings, don’t use the tools properly, things can go wrong. And here’s the thing – no matter how much technology you pack into a warship, there is an undisputable truth about collisions at sea. And that truth is that it doesn’t matter how much technology you pack into a hull. There is only one thing that will prevent an accident. Period…

Segment 2 – When A Confederate Monument Isn’t a Confederate Monument

A recent NY Times article points out the expansion of the Great Statue Removal Movement has now gone beyond just CSA Generals. In the dark of the night, a statue honoring Chief Justice Roger B. Taney was removed from the streets of Annapolis. It was, of course, another act in the great Confederate cleansing the nation is going through. The problem is that Taney, a controversial figure in his lifetime and since, wasn’t a Confederate anything…

Segment 3 – An Honorable and Enduring Outcome

The President outlined his “new” Afghanistan strategy recently. It sounds oddly reminiscent of the previous “longest war in American history…”

Segment 4 – The First Week at Home

A great first week in the new house ends with a wonderful BBQ sandwich and an old shipmate…


The Ross Redo?

The belief is that Trump is “not a politician,” and that is why he’s surging to the lead in the GOP polls. Is he?

Editors Note: Dave has a whole show prepped to look at the comparisons between Trump and Perot in 1992. This morning he received news that his Uncle had a stroke last night, while Cami is in Tacoma having what is certain to be a last visit with her father, who has Stage 4 Cancer. He will get to the Perot stuff, just give him a couple of minutes to get started…

Ross-PerotThe second belief is that a Trump 3rd Party candidacy will result in a Hillary Clinton victory, presumably over Jeb Bush. If that happens, will it actually be the fault of Donald Trump, or a GOP that doesn’t really grasp its own base? The only real example of the predicted outcome would be 1992, when Ross Perot was said to have siphoned enough GOP voters to assure a Bill Clinton victory. Is that what really happened? And if not, are there lessons for today?

An American Soldier is killed in Afghanistan this week. How come there is no outcry for flags to be at half-mast?

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You Gotta Have Faith?


The death of six Jewish Children in a Brooklyn house fire, the lynching and burning of a mentally ill woman in Afghanistan, the midnight attack by drunk “thugs” on a synagogue in London and the proposed Sodomite Suppression Act have Dave ranting about his faith and his understanding of how religion is being misused and misapplied around the world and even in his own life.


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