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The Death Penalty


The great Social Media Expulsion of Political Conservatives is in full swing ahead of the mid-terms. Frankly, it’s why I do things the way that I do them now. Is it a pain in the butt and extra work? Yep. But it also shows that the whole system of algorithms and keywords that Social Media uses to determine things is little more than Harry Potter-esqe gibberish.

The Washington State Supreme Court has struck down the State’s Death Penalty law. Now… there has not been an execution in Washington since 2010. Unlike California, there are only eight people on Death row in Washington instead of hundreds. That makes sense given the population difference (CA-37.2 Million, WA- 7.4 Million). On the other hand, it also demonstrates that where a given crime is committed might be a bigger factor in the sentence being applied than simply what the crime was in the first place. 

NASA and the entire space fandom had a scare yesterday when the latest Russian rocket carrying an American Astronaut and a Russian Cosmonaut, failed in flight, leaving the craft unable to make orbit and in a ballistic arc. As the nation turns its eye to the new film “First Man” and celebrates the first flight of Apollo 7, it is a reminder that there is nothing – NOTHING – safe about going into space. In fact, all these people who think that going to Mars would be great have no clue how much being in space actually sucks…

The Feres Doctrine has prevented Military service members from suing the Government for damages since 1950. It’s time to overturn that doctrine…


Proverbs 18:17

Like most things, let’s take a step back and actually THINK rather than simply reacting to news stories from the Echo Chamber.

I was actually going to come back and do a show about this on Thursday, but a very great friend reminded me that (a) I am on vacation and (b) Ben is growing up really, really fast. So I decided to dictate some notes about it and I will leave with those being posted. Read the rest of this entry

Constitution Thursday – Excessive Fines & Civil Forfeiture

“nor excessive fines imposed…” – 8th Amendment

A professional musician travelling with $91,000 in cash he was going to use to buy a recording studio is stopped in Wyoming for a seat belt violation. The Police take the money, and claim that they have a right to it.

in Indiana, what happens when a young man sells four grams of heroin to an undercover cop? Obviously, he gets busted, does a year on house arrest and pays a fine. Then he decided to get his life back together and heads out to find a new job.


The cops weren’t done. They used Civil Forfeiture laws to seize his car, valued at $40,000. Don’t read too much into that value, there is a valid reason that he had the money to buy it in the first place.

He sued, and the lower State Court held that he should get his car back. After all, it was only 4 ounces of heroin. The Law enforcement agencies appealed it to the State Supreme Court.

The highest Court in Indiana, along with Mississippi, Michigan and Montana proclaimed that the 8th Amendments prohibition against excessive fines “does not apply” to it.

And so… we’re off and running to ask the Supreme Court one question: does the 8th Amendment prohibition against excessive fines apply to the States?

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